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Anti-Aging Skin Care Line with New Patent Pending DNA Complex is Endorsed and Used Daily as the First Choice of Top Earning Actress Nicole Kidman;
For more information on $CURR visit: www.avenirwellness.com  and  www.Seralabshealth.com

Proprietary Drug, Nutraceutical & Topical Delivery Systems for Wellness and Anti-Aging Beauty Product Lines. 
New Corporate Name and Website Launched for Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc.
Launch of Patent Pending DNA Complex with Advanced Peptides and Compounds for Instant & Long-Lasting Wrinkly Removal.
Avenir Wellness® (CURR) Skin Care Products Endorsed and Used as The First Choice of Major Film and TV Actress Nicole Kidman. 
Nicole Kidman Postings about Avenir Wellness® (CURR)Seratopical Revolution on theSkimm Social Media Network Reaching Over 7 Million Followers.
Company Currently Holds Fifteen Patents.

Avenir Wellness®(f/k/a Cure Pharmaceutical Holding Corp., OTCQB:CURR) is a broad wellness platform technology company that develops proprietary wellness, nutraceutical, and topical delivery systems. The technology, which is based on 15 current patents, offers a number of unique immediate- and controlled-release delivery vehicles designed to improve product efficacy, safety, and consumer experience for a wide range of active ingredients. Avenir Wellness® (CURR) will continue down the path of creating new technologies that will be part of its incubator strategy in order to monetize its IP.

As a vertically integrated company,Avenir Wellness®(Stock Symbol:CURR) operates aFDA-registered, NSF® and cGMP-certified manufacturing facility enabling it to partner with pharmaceutical and wellness companies worldwide for private and white-labeled production.Avenir Wellness®(CURR) currently has partnerships in the U.S., China, Mexico, Canada, Israel, and other markets in Europe.

Avenir Wellness®(CURR) has a current focus on the beauty and wellness markets which are growing at rapid rates. The global wellness sector, despite the pandemic, saw exponential growth in 2021 with a market size of $1.5 trillion, according to McKinsey. There is a strong overall and growing demand for supplements and nutraceuticals, a $587.3 billion market, according to the 2021 Grandview report. The beauty and personal care industry is a $534 billion market now and is set to grow 5.87% year over year according to Terakeet’s 2021 Beauty Industry Report.

A-List Movie Actress Nicole Kidman Uses and Endorses Avenir Wellness®Seratopical Revolution Product Line 

Avenir Wellness®(CURR)wholly owned subsidiarySera Labs markets the SeratopicalRevolution skin care product line which is represented by top movie and television actress, Nicole Kidmanas a Strategic Partner and Global Brand Ambassador. 

Two years ago,Nicole Kidman contacted Avenir Wellness®(CURR) management seeking an opportunity to work with the company because she was already using SeratopicalRevolution products and couldn’t believe the positive results they were delivering. Her dream was to help Avenir Wellness®(CURR) create a legacy skincare brand that was affordable to everyone, and it needed to be alcohol free, natural, and plant based. After reaching an agreement, Nicole Kidman has worked diligently with the Avenir Wellness®(CURR)team to create and refine the Seratopical Revolution line which she is very proud to represent openly because she so clearly values its effectiveness. The story of Nicole Kidman’s involvement with Avenir Wellness®(CURR) is detailed on the company’s website here: https://seralabshealth.com/pages/about and also described in a recent interview with Avenir Wellness®(CURR) CEO Nancy Duitch on the well followed “New to the Street” Investment program. The interview can be watched at this link:

Avenir Wellness® Owned Sera Labs Launches Patent Pending DNA Complex with Advanced Peptides and Compounds – Providing Instant & Long-Lasting Wrinkly Removal

On March 16thAvenir Wellness®(CURR) announced the launch of its latest innovation in the Seratopical Revolution skincare line: DNA (Deep Nano Actives) Complex, an instant anti-aging skin tightening serum that penetrates deep into the skin.

Sitting at the intersection of skin science and nature, DNA Complex begins working from the moment it’s applied to your face and neck. As with all Avenir Wellness®(CURR)Seratopical Revolution products, this new one uses an advanced topical delivery system. The delivery system in DNA is the Deep Nano Active Complex that goes deep into the dermal layers, and works from the inside out, giving you an instant skin tightening and wrinkle reduction effect. With continued use, the consumer will be amazed at the long-term results without leaving a white residue on the face.

“Inventing innovative and cutting-edge skincare solutions that meet the needs of people of all skin types is at the forefront of Seratopical Revolution’s ethos,” said Nancy Duitch, CEO of Avenir Wellness®(CURR) and Founder of Sera Labs. “This launch was a labor of love with 60 iterations and over a year of research and development working with Rob Davidson and the team of formulators until we got it right. And now, we are excited to debut our pre-sale with this revolutionary product that provides notable results within minutes and instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and under-eye bags, which is incredible to achieve at this price point!”

Utilizing several high-performance ingredients, including a combination of instant wrinkle-reducing peptides and natural ingredients that promote collagen synthesis, this scientific breakthrough provides instant and long-lasting results with daily use. With one application, users can temporarily reverse the signs of aging by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, expression lines, dry, dehydrated skin, and under-eye bags.

The innovative new product was launched with the help of Nicole Kidman, Avenir Wellness® (CURR)Strategic Partner and Global Ambassador. DNA Complex made its global debut on Hollywood’s biggest stage, The Oscars red carpet, with Celebrity Makeup Artist Kelsey Deenihan prepping Nicole’s skin with the anti-aging skin tightening serum. This strategically planned go-to-market plan resulted in mass brand awareness and staggering pre-sales leading up to the official Direct-to-Consumer launch.

DNA Complex retails for $79.99 USD and is currently available at: https://seralabshealth.com/pages/seratopical-revolution.

High Profile Exposure on theSkimm Social Media Platform With 7 Million Followers – Brand Ambassador Nicole Kidman Featured in Postings

On February 13thAvenir Wellness®(CURR)announced that its Sera Labs informational postings are now appearing on theSkimm social media platform which covers a wide range of trending topics with its daily newsletter distributed to over 7 million followers. The Sera Labs posts on theSkimm feature eye-catching photos of its Brand Ambassador Nicole Kidman with commentary on the Avenir Wellness®(CURR)advanced Seratopical Revolution beauty, anti-aging and wellness product lines. Results from this new media exposure have been very positive so far with initial results for the month of January shown below:

January 2023 Performance (M-O-M)

  • Online sales: +60%
  • Average order value: +23%
  • Online site traffic: +41%
  • Social media channels: +2200 new followers

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New Brand Identity with Name Change to Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc.

On January 17thAvenir Wellness®(CURR)officially announced that it has changed its name to “Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc.”The name change is the result of the Company’s recent sale of certain intellectual property. More importantly, however, the name change reflects the renewed focus of Avenir Wellness®(CURR) with its incubator strategy and continuing efforts to create and commercialize wellness technologies with quality products and brands in the wellness and beauty space. Avenir Wellness®(CURR) has also released a new corporate logo and launched a new website at: www.avenirwellness.com.

The Company’s OTCQB ticker symbol “CURR” will also be changed in the near future.

This rebranding is part of the Avenir Wellness®(CURR) shareholder value initiatives and ongoing commitment to delivering innovative and highly desired wellness technologies to the marketplace. The Company’s long-term growth strategy is to increase revenue with high margins, use its incubator strategy to grow the patent and product portfolio as well as monetize the intellectual property (“IP”) patent technology through strategic partnerships. These initiatives, along with theAvenir Wellness®(CURR)relationships with Nicole Kidman and other major social media influencers, is expected to help propel its health and beauty products to become a household name, consistent with its strategy to become a genuine house of recognizable and respected quality brands.

Value Proposition of Avenir Wellness (CURR) Solutions:

  1. Technology – Provide innovative wellness solutions to improve ordinary dietary supplement and beauty product delivery systems that currently exist in the market.
  2. Strong Patent Portfolio – Monetize the 15 current and pending patents through licensing and royalty arrangements while developing new proprietary patents.
  3. Established Network – Utilize its network of industry leading sales, marketing and product development experts to transform the Company into a trusted and reliable brand that stands for quality and commitment to its customers.
  4. Growth Plans – Execute multiple strategies that will be used to expand patent portfolio and product offerings, improve cash flow, and ensure profitability, including strategic transactions, potential future mergers and acquisitions, as well as joint venture partnerships.
  5. Management Expertise – Fully exploit the many decades of management experience in the health, wellness, and beauty sectors and innovative product development with unique intellectual property.

Media Contact

Company Name: Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc.
Contact: Nancy Duitch, CEO
Email: investor@avenirwellness.com
Phone: (760) 564-7400
Country: United States
Website: https://www.avenirwellness.com/; https://seralabshealth.com/

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