About CorporateAds

We believe in building long lasting relationships as noted by our vast amount of real, contactable clients that span over 2 decades! Our office is Northeast of Detroit on Michigan’s busiest roadway, we welcome a visit from you anytime, or we will make the trip. It is worth meeting and discussing common goals to meet the objective…..Success! We also have an extensive Rolodex to connect you with any service or provider you could want or need to succeed.

As your PR/Advertising and Social Media firm, we prefer to be involved for 6 or 12 month duration’s. Be realistic, expectations are always welcome, however, it takes a little while to influx all of our features and to create relevancy for you, your products and services. Rest assured, we are successful and never rest on our laurels.

We infuse thousands a month into advertising for your company and products using our infiltrating PR/Advertising and Social Media tools. The moment you engage us, you have just added 5 valuable employees to your team through our network that will help you grow and succeed.
We contract for a very modest monthly fee from each client tointegrate the Advertising, Product Texts, Social Media and Advertising that is provided daily by our team. We provide quite a lot of services and massive coverage while spreading out all costs amongst our clients to save valuable funds every single month.

We look forward to partnering soon and thank you for your time.