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Increasingly Positive Fundamentals Reported for Marketerof Best Performing Skin Care Line with Endorsements by Nicole Kidman and Top Plastic Surgeon: Avenir Wellness Solutions, Inc. (Stock Symbol: AVRW)

Avenir Wellness Solutions ($AVRW)Skin Care ProductsareSold at Major Retailers Including Walmart ($WMT),Target ($TGT),CVS Health ($CVS),and Amazon ($AMZN)

For more information on $AVRW visit: www.avenirwellness.com  and  www.Seralabshealth.com

For more information on $AVRW visit: www.avenirwellness.com  and  www.Seralabshealth.com

Avenir Wellness (OTCQB:AVRW) is a broad platform technology company that develops proprietary wellness, nutraceutical, and topical delivery systems. The technology, which is based on 15 current patents, offers a number of unique immediate- and controlled-release delivery vehicles designed to improve product efficacy, safety, and consumer experience for a wide range of active ingredients.  As a vertically integrated platform company, Avenir Wellness (AVRW) looks to partner or license its IP technology with wellness companies worldwide.

Sera Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Avenir Wellness (AVRW), creates high-quality products that use science-backed, proprietary formulations. Products are sold under the brand names Seratopical™, Seratopical Revolution™, SeraLabs™, and Nutri-Strips™.  Avenir Wellness (AVRW) Sera Labs products are sold direct-to-consumer (DTC) via online website orders, including opt-in subscriptions, and also sold online and in-store at major national drug, grocery chains, convenience stores, and mass retailers including Walmart, CVS and Target as well as on the Amzon.com platform. 

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) has a current focus on the beauty and wellness markets which are growing at rapid rates. The global wellness sector, despite the pandemic, saw exponential growth in 2021 with a market size of $1.5 trillion, according to McKinsey. There is a strong overall and growing demand for supplements and nutraceuticals, a $587.3 billion market, according to the 2021 Grandview report. The beauty and personal care industry is a $534 billion market now and is set to grow 5.87% year over year according to Terakeet’s 2021 Beauty Industry Report.

Nicole Kidman is the Global Brand Ambassador ofAvenir Wellness Seratopical Revolution Product Line

Avenir Wellness (AVRW)is represented by the famous Nicole Kidmanas a Strategic Partner and Global Brand Ambassador. 

The story of Nicole Kidman’s involvement with Avenir Wellness(AVRW)is detailed on the Company’s website here: https://seralabshealth.com/pages/about and is also described in a recent interview with Avenir Wellness (AVRW) CEO Nancy Duitch on the well followed “New to the Street” Investment program. The interview can be watched at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuBto12YZmc.

To highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Avenir Wellness (AVRW)has launched a limited edition Think Pink bundle. In honor of Nicole Kidman, and her ongoing support of the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, a portion of proceeds from each bundle sold will be donated to support this worthy cause.

See Nicole Kidman’s inspiring personal video and ordering information here:  https://seralabshealth.com/products/think-pink

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) continues to receive high profile media attention with exposure for the company’s Seratopical Revolution product line. Avenir Wellness (AVRW) was able to secure coverage in top-tier publications, including CNN Underscored, Page Six, PEOPLE Magazine and more. These placements garneredover 513M media impressions for the increasingly popular and successful Avenir Wellness (AVRW)Seratopical Revolution brand. 

Some examples of the latest Avenir Wellness (AVRW)media exposure may be seen at the following links: 

SeratopicalRevolution_CNNUnderscored_8.30.23 1.pdf

SeratopicaRevolution_People_8.30.23 1.pdf

Image 9-1-23 at 2.14 PM (1) 1.jpeg

Seratopical_WholeFoodsMag_8.24.23 1.pdf

Positive Q3 Results with New Campaigns Showing Encouraging Results

On November 14th AVRWannounced results for the third fiscal quarter ended September 30, 2023.

Key financial highlights for the second quarter included the following:

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) net revenue in the third quarter of 2023 increased sequentially from Q2 2023 to $1.0 million but decreased year-over-year due to the delay in receiving the expected remainder of the asset sale proceeds. Sales are expected to increase during the fourth quarter and into 2024.

Gross margin increased 80 basis points quarter-to-quarter with further expansion expected in the fourth quarter of 2023 with an increase in higher margin direct-to-consumer sales and the launch of our new beauty product releases as well as our new marketing initiatives.

Gross margin for the third quarter decreased by 740 basis points to 72.6% in 2023 compared to the same period in 2022 due to a shift in sales channel mix with a higher proportion of wholesale sales to Amazon and Walmart which have benefitted in 2023 from our advertising initiatives.

SG&A expenses (excluding non-cash charges) for the third quarter decreased by $721 thousand in 2023 compared to 2022 driven by increased spend on advertising and promotion of $74 thousand, offset in part by lower overhead by $795 thousand.

Net operating loss from continuing operations (excluding non-cash charges) improved by $30 thousand in 2023. Cost reductions and operating leverage are expected to help narrow the operating loss (excluding non-cash charges) in the fourth quarter.

Avenue Wellness (AVRW) CEO Nancy Duitch stated, “Our products continue to maintain sales levels which is encouraging given that we have been unable to fully execute on our marketing initiatives pending receipt of the balance of the proceeds from the July 2022 asset sale. As mentioned in our second quarter earnings announcement, the proceeds from the July 2022 asset sale allow us to invest in the future of the Company, but the delay in receiving the balance of the proceeds continued to have an impact on our operating performance. We expect accelerating sales will reaffirm the improving overall trajectory of the business. Further, our margin expansion initiatives continue to deliver results with improvement from second quarter, and we are moving forward with our efforts to further reduce SG&A expenses and to maximize operating leverage.Fine tuning our SEO and successful monthly campaigns like theSkimm continue to deliver as we execute on our strategy to build our brands”

Operational Highlights

Avenir Wellness (AVRW) new beauty subscription program has grown sequentially by 50% quarter over quarter.

The DNA Complex hero product continues to perform as its subscription based grows.

Wholesale sales led by Amazon and Walmart continue to grow with all the positive product reviews. Amazon was a particular bright spot with volume growth despite retail price increases to match our ecommerce site which increased margins to 85%.

Partnership with LA-Based Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Persky to Support Latest DNA Complex Product Launch

On September 12thAvenir Wellness (AVRW)announced that renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Michael A. Persky, M.D., F.A.C.S., will help support marketing for the latest launches and advise on new product innovation.

This partnership for Avenir Wellness (AVRW)came about through a long-standing relationship with Nancy Duitch, CEO and Founder of Sera Labs. Dr. Persky will support brand marketing, social, and advertising campaigns for the Avenir Wellness (AVRW)brand’s latest innovation, patent-pending DNA (Deep Nano Actives) Complex, an instant anti-aging skin tightening serum that penetrates deep into the skin. As an advisory board member, Dr. Persky will also advise on formulating the brand’s future plant-based and scientifically grounded products.


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Email: investor@avenirwellness.com
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