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Business Expansion with Focus on Real Estate and New Acquisitions:
Super Low Trading Float;
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Well Established Packaging Products Business with Growing Revenue.
Company Operates Multiple Warehouse Locations and Partner Sites.
Providing Comprehensive Services for Both US and International Clients.
Convertible Debt Retired and Business Plan Evolving into New Sectors.
New Shared Resource Strategy” withSubsidiaries &Real Estate Investments for Vertical Integration to Achieve Operating Efficiencies.
Potential for Acquisition of Early Stage Companies. 
Revenue of $3,014,840 for Third Quarter of 2022.

Alliance Creative Group, Inc. (OTC: ACGX) is a Packaging Solutions Company focused on Retail Packaging and Packaging Management.  ACGX helps its clients from initial concept and packaging development through final production and managed inventory solutions.  The core business has been around since 1997.  ACGX currently concentrates mostly on providing solutions for flexible and clear packaging, folding cartons, vendor managed inventory supply chain services and fulfillment. 

Additional ACGX services include but are not limited to corrugated boxes, commercial printing, labels, and other products and services related to the printing or packaging of consumer products. The ACGX team includes experts to provide high-quality packaging and printed products.  The ACGX experience includes very hands-on operational support out of 6 different warehouse locations and several national and international manufacturing partners.  ACGXprovides customer support during the entire product process or cycle including but not limited to creating, warehousing, delivering, and replenishing their packaging products.

ACGX is an investor in PeopleVine a consolidated membership engagement platform that allows businesses to build more personal relationships with their customers at scale. The PeopleVine platform has a primary focus in the member experience, subscription management, and CRM platform in the hospitality industry.  For more information visit:

Alliance Creative Group (ACGX) Retired Outstanding Convertible Debt and Continues Transition Towards New Focus

On February 27th ACGX announced the Company has retired its remaining convertible debt note and some of the preferred convertible shares. ACGX repurchased the above-mentioned note and shares to remove the last of the convertible debt on the books and leave just the remaining Series H preferred convertible equity shares.

As of December 31, 2022 ACGX entered into multiple agreements to divest and acquire specific assets and liabilities and add and remove certain Board of Directors and Advisors. The full disclosure is listed on the OTC Markets under disclosures.

Moving forward, if ACGX is able to implement its new business plans and subject to favorable market conditions, the Company seeks to operate as a holding company. ACGXbelieves that this may allow the Company to gain the benefits that may serve a “shared resource strategy” whereby its subsidiaries and real estate investments may gain the benefits of vertical integration with the opportunity to achieve operating efficiencies and cost savings. If these efforts are successful, ACGX anticipates that it may, subject to market conditions, acquire additional real estate assets with a focus on special situations and distressed assets as well as other revenue producing asset opportunities.

Currently ACGX owns a sixteen unit corner walk-up, mixed-use building on the border of the Edgewater and Rogers Park neighborhoods of Chicago, Illinois. ACGX also acquired all of the outstanding membership interests and manager interests of Peak Construction Group, LLC and ACGX also currently owns an aggregate of 1,682,188 shares of PeopleVine, Inc. and the Company holds one seat on the Board of Directors of PeopleVine, Inc.

ACGX Reports Revenue of $3,014,840 for Third Quarter of 2022

Quarterly Revenues Increased $300,445 compared to 2021 for a 11.1% increase

On November 15th ACGX announced the results of Operations for the Three Months Ending September 30, 2022.

Revenues for the quarter ending September 30, 2022 (“Q3 2022”) were $3,014,840

Gross Profits for the quarter ending September 30, 2022 (“Q3 2022”) were $784,185

Net Income for the quarter ending September 30, 2022 (“Q3 2022”) were 108,426

The total assets on the Balance Sheet for the Alliance Creative Group as of 09/30/22 were $3,957,989.

The total outstanding common shares as of September 30, 2022 (“Q3 2022”) were 2,604,211 with 1,648,971 of those shares in the float. 


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