ZXEREX Announces IMPAIR-IDâ„¢ Impairment Screening – rapid, non-invasive, and accurate screening for drug impairment

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Safety is essential

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A proactive approach to impairment detection to help reduce absenteeism, injuries, and casualty losses while improving workplace productivity.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, USA, December 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — ZXEREX Corporation has responded to the need for a rapid, non-invasive, and accurate screening test to identify impairment due to drugs, including Marijuana. The initial research and patented technology were developed at Arizona State University and Barrow Neurological Institute. Follow-up studies have been conducted at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Columbia/New York State Psychiatric Institute, and Mayo Clinic followed by field trials.

The use of medicinal and recreational Marijuana has grown. It is now well-accepted that urine tests may reveal past use but do not indicate whether a person is currently impaired. That’s a big dilemma for employers. It is well known that the effects of marijuana on the brain generally disappear after 6 hours. Its impairment on the job that the greatest risk, not an employee’s past use.

ZXEREX is a neuroscience analytics company that has integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning into a solution that identifies changes in how the brain controls eye movements. Being impaired due to a psychoactive drug is like having a problem with brain function, which is why ZXEREX neuroscientists invented a way to identify “temporary neurologic impairment� during the time the drug alters function rapidly, accurately, and objectively. This disruptive impairment detection screening technology, IMPAIR-ID™ solves the problem by identifying current impairment.

ZXEREX believes that a safe workplace will benefit from early detection of impairment by monitoring changes that arise from drug use. IMPAIR-ID addresses the issue of impairment as opposed to drug tests that detect the presence of a substance in the body. For Marijuana, impairment creates a challenge because the drug remains detectable in the body for days and even weeks, long after any signs of impairment disappear. That is why a positive Marijuana test does not indicate impairment.

This ZXEREX technology identifies impairment and alerts supervisory personnel regarding the need for intervention. The bottom line is that a safe work environment protects everyone, employees, the company, customers, and the brand. When combined with a company’s in-house safety program, identifying impairment helps to safeguard employees and others in the workplace.

Knowing that this screening can be done rapidly and at any time, it’s more likely that employees will not show up impaired or become impaired while on the job. As news spreads in the workforce, the availability of IMPAIR-ID will deter usage during critical hours before arriving at work and even while there.

As part of the safety program, this breakthrough technology will help to prevent catastrophic losses often associated with high-risk job assignments. Adopting this proactive approach to impairment can help to reduce absenteeism, workplace injury, and casualty losses while helping to improve overall productivity.

For some industries, preventing just one catastrophic event is a compelling reason to consider how ZXEREX can help.

Safety-conscious employers expect employees to show up unimpaired and not become impaired while at work. As a deterrent, IMPAIR-ID reinforces these goals with rapid on-site screening that can be scheduled more than once on the same day if needed, especially when a supervisor reports the aroma of marijuana in the workplace and suspects that some workers are using it on the job.

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