Ziggma Launches Climate Score to Help Investors Select Companies Taking Climate Action

Climate change requires massive climate impact investment.

Portfolio tracking platform Ziggma just launched climate impact investing as a new feature including Climate Scores for over 1,500 companies.

LEWES, DE, UNITED STATES, January 10, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Portfolio tracking platform Ziggma today announced that it added climate impact investing to its suite of next-generation portfolio management tools for self-directed investors.

This novel green investment feature, which is available free of charge, notably consists of a Climate Score for publicly traded US companies and portfolio carbon footprint tracking.

Ziggma responds to massive demand on the part of private investors. According to Morgan Stanley’s Sustainable Signals Survey, 74% of private investors and 88% of millennials express an interest in climate impact investing.

Ziggma’s proprietary Climate Score captures companies’ track record on cutting emissions as well as their ambitions to reach net zero. With the Climate Score, Ziggma users can optimize their portfolios for climate impact by prioritizing companies that are taking decisive climate action. Ziggma’s free stock screener features the Climate Score as a search parameter so that Ziggma users can find companies with high Climate Scores in a mere matter of seconds.

In addition to the Climate Score, Ziggma computes investor portfolios’ carbon footprint. Its users can now easily monitor their carbon footprint in the portfolio tracker dashboard.

At the stock level, Ziggma serves up an unprecedented level of transparency on corporate climate action by displaying companies’ emissions, carbon intensity and whether they have a net zero target in place. The Ziggma team believes that transparency on climate action is the key to drive corporate accountability and ultimately decisive action to cut emissions.

About Ziggma:
Ziggma is a dedicated web-based portfolio management application designed to help active private investors track and optimize their investment portfolios effectively. Ziggma fills a gap left by banks and brokers which have historically failed to support their clients with tools to stay in control of their portfolios and reach their investment objectives. Over 20,000 users already benefit from Ziggma’s innovative tools and features with thousands linking their brokerage accounts or 401(K)s to track assets for a total of well over $1 billion.

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