xWIN Finance Launches Newly Updated Platform in Blockchain Web3 Space

The platform connects hedge funds and wealth managers to the individual investor on a global level.

TOKYO, JAPAN, January 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The masterminds behind the xWIN Finance are pleased to announce the launch of their newly updated robo advisor platform, xWIN Finance v2, on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain.

xWIN Finance is a DEFI fund management platform that connects hedge funds and wealth managers to the individual investor globally. The platform enables hedge funds, or investors, to create their own decentralized fund based on their own risk preference through the xWIN Robo Advisor engine.

In the platform’s most recent news, xWIN Technology has launched an exciting update of its popular platform – xWIN Finance v2. The update provides various, yet state-of-the-art strategies that allow users to integrate them easily into their portfolio.

“It is essential for investors to understand the risks and potential returns of their investments and to customize their portfolios to suit their individual risk tolerance,” says founder of xWIN Finance, Calvin Thong. “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to investing but we are providing the most efficient and technically advanced option there is for those looking for these options.”

To do this, xWIN Finance v2 boasts a number of beneficial features for users, including:

• Build personal, private vaults
• Get optimal portfolio allocation with xWIN Robo Advisor. xWIN optimizer is automated investment management service that uses algorithms to create and manage portfolios, based on the investor’s risk tolerance and investment goals.
• Integrate various trading or DEFI strategies into a portfolio
• Enhanced xWIN Staking to get more returns
• Flexible fee structure enables users to be a fund manager, and thereby earning the fee
• And so much more

For more information about xWIN Finance, please visit https://xwin.finance/.

About xWIN Finance

Founded in 2020 by Calvin Thong, xWIN was started as an IT consulting service. In 2021, xWIN launched a DEFI project and established a research development center (xWIN Technology) in Malaysia. Today, xWIN Technology has been focusing on developing xWIN Finance platform as a DEFI solution for institutional and retail clients.
Calvin is an experienced portfolio manager with refined skills in portfolio management and business process enhancement. Calvin was ex-portfolio manager in BlackRock Japan, specializing in global ETF and index funds in developed and emerging markets for pension and retail clients. In addition, Calvin is versed in IT technical skills, including blockchain Solidity, NodeJs, ReactJs and, NET C#. Calvin graduated with master’s in applied finance from Macquarie University, as well as bachelor’s degree in computer science from University Science Malaysia.

Fumihiro Arasawa, co-founder of xWIN, serves as Chief of Business Development in xWIN Technology and is responsible for connecting the platform with various institutional investment managers and wealth managers.

Calvin Thong
xWIN Finance

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