Writesea secures $2 million to build solutions for small businesses

WriteSea Executive Team

Tulsa-based startup will produce onboarding, workflow, and automation tools small businesses, freelancers, and job boards

After successful in-person conversations at Build in Tulsa’s Black Venture Summit, we knew partnering with Atento & Collab Capital, along with Visible Hands & Bolster Ventures, was a smart move”

— Brandon Mitchell

TULSA, OK, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — With freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups at an all-time high, Writesea, a white-labeled capacity-building and freelance management platform for small-to medium-sized businesses, launched today with a $2 million pre-seed raise led by Tulsa-based Atento Capital, Collab Capital, Visible Hands, Bolster Ventures, and Expert Dojo Ventures. With the gig economy booming, WriteSea will offer tools for freelancers and those who manage them.

The founders of Writesea – Brandon Mitchell (CEO), Hanzla Ramey (CTO), Leander Howard II (CMO), and Amit Nath (VP of Sales) – created the platform to solve critical workflow challenges they faced in their previous service-based businesses. With the shift towards remote and online work, and more people turning to freelancing, Writesea will help businesses and solopreneurs organize and streamline, enabling a focus on their actual product.

“We’ll work with partners focusing on impact, culture, and underrepresented founders,” said Mitchell. “After successful in-person conversations at Build in Tulsa’s Black Venture Summit earlier this fall, we knew partnering with Atento and Collab Capital, along with Visible Hands and Bolster Ventures, was a smart move.

“Tulsa is an incredibly vibrant city with a bubbling tech ecosystem that is going to see a lot of growth in the next 3-7 years,” he added. “We decided to establish our roots here because shifting the dynamic and changing the narrative is in the Tulsa air.”

The Writesea platform streamlines operations, projects, customer relationship management, and provides a lead marketplace to businesses who want to optimize and scale. Writesea also provides job boards, hiring platforms, and bootcamps a managed career services model to help their marginalized job seekers set themselves up for success in the unstable job market. WriteSea integrates their core platform to offer career services for their members through a pool of vetted freelancers – in exchange for a revenue share. Their vision is to simplify the complexities of managing a services-based business, and it seems their unique mix of features and product lines does the job.

“Collab Capital is excited to partner with Writesea to bring capacity-enabling software to thousands of creativity-centric small businesses in the US and worldwide,” said Justin Dawkins, managing partner of Collab Capital. “Nearly 18% of US employer firms, small businesses with paid employees, have fewer than 20 employees. Almost half of those have fewer than five employees. Many business owners seek digital skills to grow their businesses, and Writesea’s workflow and automation tools will increase the time they can spend delivering quality work and focusing on growing revenue.”

Writesea joins a vibrant and growing ecosystem of Tulsa-based tech startups funded by Atento Capital, including Remble, a platform aimed at helping users build healthier relationships, PatchRx, a smart pill bottle and medication management startup, Volt, a telecom software platform, and Boddle Learning, a math-focused gaming platform for K-6 students, among many others.

About Writsea
WriteSea is a freelance management software company for service providers, empowering small to medium-sized businesses to streamline their workflows, processes, and customer-driven activities in one platform. Manage your projects, collaborate with your team, chat with your customers, collect payments, send contracts, manage your leads, book appointments, text your community, host your courses and track all your key metrics in WriteSea. For more information, visit WWW.WRITESEA.COM

About Atento
Atento Capital is an investment firm that’s driving opportunity in Tulsa through returns, quality job creation, and being helpful. By democratizing access to venture capital and creating pathways to upward mobility for traditionally underinvested groups of people, Atento has helped dozens of companies and entrepreneurs grow and thrive in the Tulsa tech ecosystem.

About Collab Capital
Collab Capital was built to invest financial, human, and network capital to effectively support, grow, and sustain Black-owned innovative businesses. Its vision is to ultimately establish a pathway toward economic parity, for the Black community, through increased ownership within the innovation economy.

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