US Global Business Forum Names Economist Dr. E. Lance McCarthy as Economic Advisor and Chairman of Business Development

Global Economist Dr. E. Lance McCarthy and Founder of Global Business Forum Kevin Kaul Team up to Disrupt the Global Economy Business Model. Courtesy Photo.

Ferguson 1000’s Co-Founder Dr. E. Lance McCarthy created a new model that desires to level the playing field and one of the key elements of this model is economic empowerment.

US Global Business Forum (USGBF), is a platform established by the founding leaders of the American Communities in the US with the objective of promoting trade, commerce, investments and joint ventures internationally.

Kevin Kaul, founder of U.S. Global Business Forum, a 16-year-old international trade organization, promotes trade, commerce, investments and joint ventures.

Globalization empowers us, erases geographical borders to do business. Re-branding the Global Business Forum to the world will empower economic development in US cities and global countries.”

— Dr. E. Lance McCarthy, former Economic Advisor for two U.S. Presidents.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, December 28, 2022 / — It is no doubt that the biggest lessons we learned during the pandemic was the disproportionate gap in our economy. “The global economy suffered causing organizational chaos, shut down of businesses, massive financial loss, unemployment, and poverty,” said Dr. E. Lance McCarthy, a renowned global economist and financial advisor to an extensive list of US and international businesses. “The advancement of digital technology has positioned all of us to be global citizens, if done right.”

McCarthy cites the vision of the U.S. Global Business Forum as the pathway toward economic security and global diversity for US businesses. “The appointment of Dr. McCarthy as Economic Advisor and Chairman of Business Development will take our mission to the next level,” said Kevin Kaul, founder and chairman of USGBF. “His economic background will assist our agenda to provide tremendous opportunities for all sizes of businesses to be made aware of global opportunities to do business outside of their boundaries.” The USGBF, is a 16-year-old international trade organization representing 200 countries.

“Joining this outstanding 16-year-old organization and to guide its re-branding to the world will help economic development in US cities and global countries is a game-changer to boost the economy, ” said Dr. McCarthy, a former economic advisor to two U.S. Presidents. “Globalization empowers us, erases geographical borders to do business. Re-branding the Global Business Forum to the world will empower economic development in US cities and global countries.”

Experts state that the world’s economy and prosperity is expected to grow based on globalization. “Quite simply, globalization increases the availability of jobs worldwide,” stated Dr. McCarthy who has spearheaded several job initiatives across the country especially for vulnerable populations. “Los Angeles presents the unique gateway to foreign countries because it is a hub for more than 100 foreign consulates.” As the largest city in California, and the second largest in the United States, Los Angeles holds a prominent place on the global stage. The city, one of the most diverse in the world, is an international melting pot.

Beginning in January 2023 in the Greater Los Angeles area, Dr. McCarthy will lead USGBF with monthly summits with ambassadors and trade experts, titled, “How To Do Business in Countries,” focusing on a different country every month to discuss how to do business with the respective country. “The quarterly USGBF will include pitch and matchmaking sessions between US companies and the foreign countries,” said Dr. McCarthy. “The pandemic showed us the future is unknown and we need to prepare now to stay in front of unforeseen catastrophic circumstances.”

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About U.S. Global Forum and Kevin Kaul

U.S. Global Business Forum (USGBF), is a platform established by the founding leaders of the American Communities in the US with the objective of promoting trade, commerce, investments and joint ventures between the various continents with the focus on US and the entire globe.

USGBF strives to bring together business leaders, diplomats, governments, trade and development organizations onto one platform by organizing trade and investment fairs and exhibitions in various locations across the globe by initiating multilateral visits to various countries to facilitate new investments, ventures, and trade. The USGBF is committed to social and community development especially in the areas of education, healthcare, empowering social, and child development through the networks of local NG.

Kevin Kishore Kaul is the Founder and Chairman of the USGBF, US Asia Business Forum Inc (USABF), US Africa Business Forum Inc. ( USAfricaBF), US Latin America Business Forum Inc. Kaul is also the Founder and CEO of Urbantec Development and Investments (USA), FOSAAC.TV LLC (the largest web TV in the US for the community), FOSAAC Media and Entertainment and many other ventures. Friends of South Asian American Communities (FOSAAC) is dedicated to strengthening relationships and promoting understanding among the people of United States and South Asia.

Kaul is an awardee from the Governor of California, Assembly and Senate of California, City and County of Los Angeles, many Congressmen and Congresswomen in USA and from many other State and Federal Elected members. In 1999, he was instrumental in obtaining the largest real estate NRI project between US and India.

His duty to his country included his position as a Lieutenant in the Indian Navy in India from 1982 to 1989. Thereafter, he accepted the position as an Assistant Manager with Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Navi Mumbai before he came to USA in 1991. He holds a Bachelor in Technology in Electrical Engineering from Regional Engineering College, Warangal, India.

About Dr E. Lance McCarthy
An internationally recognized economist and sought-after investment advisor, with a specialty in urban development, Dr. E. Lance McCarthy served as a White House Advisor for two U.S. Presidents and was the advisor for President Clinton’s Economic Conversion Task Force.

His lectures have been heard from the White House to Harvard, the United Nations, and the Ted Talk stage. Dr. McCarthy assists non-profit organizations, churches, corporations, professional athletes and cities with its economic development and financing plans. His public policy research, Fortune 100 experience, entrepreneurial endeavors and non-profit initiatives provide insight into our nation’s pressing problems. Dr. McCarthy is the economic advisor to the George Floyd Foundation.

As a Wall Street Consultant, he launched Reveal Global 1000 Consulting, an 8a Innovation Tech firm with an emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, Drone Development, Cyber Warfare and Defense Technology Innovation.

Dr. McCarthy serves as an Adjunct Professor of Economics, Faith-Based Financing, and Economic Consultant to All Nations University in Canada and Ghana, West Africa. His clients span across Australia, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Qatar, and other countries.

The Black Silicon Valley Co-Founder Dr. McCarthy established a 10,000 sq. ft. state of the art technology center digital campus focused on minority tech firm development. In a call to action to the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, Dr. McCarthy co-founded Ferguson 1000 Jobs, an initiative to create jobs in the community. His visionary solutions and empowerment strategies focus on Blacks and Technology. He partnered with a fintech company to develop programs to reduce recidivism and facilitate successful transitions for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Dr. McCarthy authored the best-selling book, “Wall Street to the Hood: The Blueprint for Economic Empowerment,” that gives proven solutions for rebuilding Urban America. His economic development work strengthens communities to prosper and grow.

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