Symbol Security launches Policy PRO, bundling IT Security Policies with Cyber Awareness Training

Policy PRO is the critical link between Policies, Education, and reducing Cyber Risk.

Organizations can draft, distribute, and track their employees’ through their journey of reviewing, signing, and learning about their critical IT Security Policies.”

— Craig Sandman

MOUNTAIN LAKES, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, December 12, 2022 / — Today, Symbol Security is announcing the launch of its Policy PRO feature which will enable thousands of customers to simplify the process of creating, authorizing, and educating their employees on Information Security Policies.

With the rate of cybercrimes increasing every year, and the security risks experienced by more than 80% of businesses throughout the world today, businesses must show evidence of successful implementation of core IT Security Policies. While some companies are successful at distributing and gaining employee acceptance of IT Policies, the process is riddled with inefficiencies, and oftentimes employees are not aware of the substance of the policies they are signing. With Symbol’s Policy Pro, the delivery of these policies can be executed easily, and combined with Security Awareness Training and Education to reinforce the requirements placed upon employees within these IT Security Policies.

“Symbol’s Policy Pro feature allows businesses, MSPs and Security Consultants to easily create, distribute, and record employee signatures for mandatory Information Security Policies. As an added bonus, Symbol’s platform can educate employees directly on the policies they just saw, which is important because employees often don’t absorb the content of their InfoSec security policies. This feature will save our partners and customers considerable time and money while improving the policy and training experiences.â€� said Symbol Security President and Co-Founder Craig Sandman.

Symbol will launch the new services to it’s customers and through its sales partners, vCISO consultants, and its MSP/MSSP community. Please contact Symbol’s team at for more information.

About Symbol Security:
Symbol Security’s SaaS platform helps customers reduce their cyber risk, and adhere to industry compliance requirements. Through authentic simulated phishing exercises, interactive training content, and awareness of risk data across domain registries, and the dark web, Symbol helps companies identify and remediate potential points of cyber risk. Symbol can be operated by company administrators with ease or leveraged by Managed Security Service Providers as part of their security offerings.

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