ShowMyWell to provide Environmental and Asset Performance Monitoring for O&G Investments made by PetroAlpha Energy

The agreement enables full transparency on the performance of investments

this alliance provides PetroAlpha with full transparency on not only the performance of the assets we invest in, but also the impact that the operations of our borrowers have on the environment”

— PetroAlpha Energy CEO Paul Hudson

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2023 / — Digital Oilfield provider ShowMyWell has entered a strategic alliance with Private Equity lender PetroAlpha Energy to provide environmental site assessments along with continuous IoT asset monitoring and data analytic solutions for their O&G investments. ShowMyWell’s monitoring and assessment solutions provide investors with agile insight into the environmental condition of an investment before, during and after field operations. As field operations commence, ShowMyWell’s continuous data collection and machine learning analytics provides actionable knowledge which empowers all stakeholders to initiate immediate responses to changes in asset performance or environment conditions. .

“We maintain a strict carbon management policy for our loans and this alliance provides PetroAlpha Energy with full transparency on not only the performance of the assets we invest in, but also the impact that the operations of our borrowers have on the environment” says PetroAlpha Energy CEO Paul Hudson. “ Along with ShowMyWell’s site assessment services, their continuous monitoring solutions allow us to manage investment risk in ways not previously possible”.

Douglas Nester, CEO of ShowMyWell notes “Our Agreement with PetroAlpha further demonstrates ShowMyWell’s commitment to protecting the environment by providing all stakeholders with the real-time knowledge needed to responsibly mitigate our industry’s impact on the environment and to remain in compliance with Government regulations and Company ESG policies”.

ShowMyWell is currently supporting PetroAlpha Energy on the initial project under this Agreement and both parties expect the collaboration to grow aggressively in 2023.

About ShowMyWell LLC
ShowMyWell was formed in May 2021 with its Korean Partner, ulalaLAB Inc. to provide full transparency on the performance of O&G assets through the use cost effective IoT gateways, sensors, and meters for monitoring the real-time operating status of wells and facilities and incorporating proprietary ML/AI analytics to help optimize operations, improve efficiency, reduce downtime losses, and mitigate damage to the environment.

About PetroAlpha Energy
PetroAlpha Energy is a senior debt provider for creditworthy operators and investment-worthy projects to develop producing assets by drilling new wells, recompleting existing wells, using emerging technologies or by strategic producing acquisitions. The Company pursues investment projects that promote environmental responsibility and innovation. All projects must exceed current federal, state, and local environmental regulations and full compliance is required for the term of each loan.

Douglas C Nester
+1 713-474-6939

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