Serial Entrepreneur Creates New Software To Help Crank Out Premium Quality Ebooks In Minutes

Adeel Chowdry is helping businesses to create high quality ebooks quickly and effortlessly.

UNITED KINGDOM, December 13, 2022 / — Adeel Chowdhry is a serial online entrepreneur and speaker with over ten years of experience in the online world.

He is the creator behind multiple worldwide blockbusters, such as Sqribbleâ„¢, Prezentarâ„¢ and others.

What’s more, Adeel has been featured in various media outlets including New York Timesâ„¢ Best-Seller “The Laptop Millionaire”.

As a digital marketer, Adeel knows that in order to be successful, then it’s key to be prolific with building an email list of prospects, to gain know, like and trust.

One of the best ways to do this is to create something called a lead magnet which is a way to entice people to give away their email address in exchange for the lead magnet.

Giving away an ebook is one of the best ways to do this. However, Adeel grew increasingly frustrated with the time, effort and money required to crank out these ebooks.

Not to mention the fact that the quality was always lacking.

That’s why he created Sqribbleâ„¢ – the world’s first ‘point & click’ instant eBook creator that requires zero technical skills!

Adeel says Sqribbleâ„¢ creates unlimited professional eBooks and businesses owners can edit and customize to publish within minutes.

Adeel is on a mission to help as many businesses as possible be able to effortlessly create high quality ebooks in record time, so they can scale their businesses to new heights.

To learn more about Adeel and Sqribbleâ„¢, make sure to visit his website here:

Adeel Chowdhry

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