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EAGLE PASS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2022 / — Are you struggling incessantly with credit card debt? You’re Feeling anxious and stagnant in an endless financial rut and ignoring your money problem only makes it worse. You may feel humiliated, stressed not to mention the toll it’s taking on your relationships. That’s why seeking out a highly qualified coach can help you figure out most ideal approach that will set you on a path for long term sustainable financial success.

Rosario Salazar is a Business Consultant, Coach and owner of R&S Group Services.
“Through my coaching, I provide my clients the most optimal tools and strategies to manage their money including their credit, that way they can successfully finance the house or car of their dreams, or any other large purchases, with much lower interest rates. But in order to achieve that having a high credit score is mandatory because our credit affects every aspect of our lives, even renting an apartment, landing a job, or getting better rates on car insurance. I can help you better manage your finances and make smart financial moves so you will live stress free and resiliently navigate and flourish in these times of change and chaos.�

As they start to make significant changes, both personally and professionally, her clients begin to feel empowered to make significant transitions and more purposeful informed decisions.

Known for her approachable, practical, and empathetic style Rosario has worked closely with hundreds of Americans to help them pay off credit card debt and learn to implement healthy personal finance habits that sticks with them throughout their lifetime.

Before becoming a coach, having come from a migrant background, Rosario struggled with personal family issues, language barriers, and financial issues. As she struggled to find a good paying job, it was difficult because there was no one to advise her how to manage her money effectively. When she finally turned to the right resources, fixed her credit, improved her language skills, she began thriving and today she is living the life she always dreamed of stress free of money problems and finding purpose and passion in her coaching.

“That’s why I’m so passionate about helping people so they too can live joyfully, not fall into a rut of bad credit and debt but manage their money appropriately and save money any way they can.�

Rosario accomplishes this not by telling us what to do, but by working in partnership with us, asking the right questions so we can dig deep and figure out our solutions and what works best for us. What makes Rosarios coaching even more unique and highly effective is how she coaches us on our credit issues but it morphs into mentorship where her clients then desire life coaching where she can help the tap into their inner wisdom, shift their mindset, and personal and professional lives.

“I have been able to expertly position people to buy a homes and cars to help them and guide them and it becomes a life- long endeavor through my coaching. Because it’s not just about finding credit solutions it’s about continue to use the tools to balance your life long term and thriving every day.�

Rosario also encourages her clients to consider how much they can save with solar system panels, considerably lower their electric bills, while helping our planet thrive. Solar energy does not generate dangerous carbon emissions known to contribute to global warming. It even improves the resale value of your home!

Rosario’s passion for helping us save money is reflected in her work from coaching to solar panels she has been fruitfully integrating all these elements with spectacular results. Throughout her community, she has established a reputation for helping others with generosity, candor, and the upmost professionalism.

“I am extremely passionate in helping my clients attain happier, stress- free lives. Allow me to hand you the resources let me show you the way so you can live joyful and with peace of mind throughout your life. No matter what you are going through you can find your way to living abundantly, genuinely happy, and feeling on top of the world. And who doesn’t want that?�

Close Up Radio will feature Rosario Salazar in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday December 15th at 4pm EST

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