RGGI) Announces Multi-Unit Wanda SD Purchase Order to Food Service Industry


Clinton Township, Michigan, May 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resgreen Group International (OTCPINK: RGGI), a leading mobile robot company, announces lease purchase of several Wanda SD units to Villa Penna Banquet Hall located in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

“Considering the adverse effects of the pandemic closures, we knew that Wanda SD would be an excellent solution for Villa Penna Banquet Hall.” Stacey Foxworthy, COO of Resgreen Group International, Inc. stated. “We applaud Villa Penna management for taking the necessary measures to ensure they keep their employees and customers safe. Wanda SD will add an excellent layer of protection to indoor social events ranging from weddings to graduation parties and summer get-togethers to holiday gatherings.”

Wanda SD operates by emitting antimicrobial UVC light and Ozone to break down the DNA and RNA in dangerous pathogens rendering them harmless. UVC light and Ozone do not leave behind harsh chemicals or residues making them safe alternatives in the food service industry. Implementing proper sanitization procedures are key in the safe re-opening of businesses.

The mobile vehicle broadcasts a verbal message when the sanitization process is complete. Several safety sensors allow Wanda SD to detect objects in her path and human presence within close proximity. These safety features prevent risk of human exposure to the UVC light.

In the food service industry proper sanitizing procedures are crucial in providing a healthy and safe atmosphere for employees and customers. Among banquet halls and within the food service industry, Wanda SD is key in adding an extra layer of protection against dangerous pathogens.

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