Meet the Doxxed team behind the sell out NFT project – The Uncharted

Mark, CEO and Founder

Jonny, COO and Founder

Andy, Company Director

Nick, Senior Digital Design Lead

Chris Thompson, CMO

The Doxxed team behind the sell out NFT project, The Uncharted. Heres why the project was a sell out hit of 2022, 2023 could be even bigger for the BAYC rival.

Working in the NFT space, I discovered that many projects with hidden identities failed. I felt it was necessary for our team to be fully Doxxed, if a project isn’t open, its a red flag.”

— Mark Johnson CEO the Uncharted

MAYFAIR, LONDON, December 7, 2022 / — The Uncharted team from day of inception have provided full information and full disclosure, with social media accounts for all to verify, below is a snap shot of The Uncharted team and their background and history.

Mark Johnson

As CEO of The Moov and the intrepid leader of The Uncharted Voyage project, Mark provides solid leadership and financial expertise to the team and project. His steady hand at the helm of the ship ensures smooth sailing for the Uncharted NFT journey to the Nebulae.

Mark has over 15 years in the global financial markets. He has helped many start-ups raise initial capital, taking some from start-ups to IPO listing on NASDAQ and LSE. Since 2016 Mark has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency space and was a key advisor in launching AlphaBit Fund one of the first cryptocurrency funds to outperform BTC. Other noteworthy projects include LaunchPool, TAP Global, BOXVN Logistics, and Bubblr.

Jonny Seymour

Jonny’s deep dive into the Web3, Metaverse, cryptocurrency and NFT space has afforded him extensive experience and understanding of this rapidly expanding technology/finance sector. His recent executive-level responsibilities with Web3 companies, along with engagements at the House of Lords and Magna Carta House, have shown that his knowledge base is not only unique but invaluable to both private and institutional investors.

In addition, Jonny has enjoyed a successful career in corporate advertising – both in a private studio setting as well as in managing advertising campaign teams for global companies such as Nike, Adidas, Lucozade, Pepsi, T-Mobile, Samsung, Ford, Toyota, and more.

We expect that Jonny’s ability to educate and facilitate and promote The Moov will be invaluable to all passengers as we lift off into Uncharted voyages. Let’s face it, it’s always good to have an NFT/Metaverse ninja on the ride to the stars!

Andy Ritchings

As founder of Thomas Kelly Holdings Ltd, a boutique private consultancy firm whose primary focus is equity bonds and Crypto-Focused Venture Capital funding, Andrew’s unique experience (not only in the financial sector but in the NFT space as well) brings a unique perspective to The Moov team. Integrity, communication, and transparency are always at the heart of all of Andrew’s business practices.

A qualified financial planner with CMAP and FPC 1,2, Andrew draws on his keen interest in Cryptocurrencies, Blockchains, and NFTs, to provide bespoke strategic advice to intermediaries as well as private clients. His passion for music has served him well as an advisor to several innovative music NFT projects. We can also rely on Andrew to make sure our Uncharted voyage to the next cosmos is filled with music! Bring your AirPods, travellers!

Married and the proud father of 5 amazing children, Andrew is committed to making a difference on this crazy planet and supports a number of charities centered around the needs of children and young people.

Nick Thompson

New challenges. New people. New environments. New technology. Nick is inspired, not daunted by all these, and has the skill and experience to help create and populate the new cosmos that is Uncharted.

As a Senior Digital Design Lead with over 15 years of professional experience in B2B and B2C design for online applications and print, Nick’s creativity, attention to detail, focus on user experience, and passion for traditional and digital art makes him uniquely qualified to assist The Moov team on our Uncharted voyage of discovery.

Chris Thompson

With 10 years of experience in the UK financial industry and working with a wide variety of business entities, Chris brings a wide range of investment and capital funding experience to the Uncharted team.

In the last two years, he achieved a personal goal of turning his passion for cryptocurrencies and NFTs into a vibrant career. As CTO of Exito, Chris’ primary focus has been solidifying the company investment portfolio as well as managing the NFT portfolios of private Exito clients.

Chris is devoted to his family, loves working out, enjoys travel, and is an avid sports fan. He plans to “Moov� football and boxing to the Uncharted territories!

Mark Johnson
The Uncharted
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