LuxInvest and iSwiss join forces for securitisation of Super Bonus credits

ROME, ITALY, January 3, 2023 / — New problems call for innovative solutions: this is the thinking behind the decision of the CEO of Luxor Invest, Engineer Francesco Storniolo, a company that has been active for years in the high-end construction industry and is grappling with the well-known problems relating to the tax credits derived from the 110% Super Bonus.

This is a major problem for companies operating in the construction sector, which risk seeing their credits and thus their budgets blocked due to the climate of uncertainty currently surrounding the 110% Super Bonus.

Instead, Engineer Storniolo had an intuition that could solve this problem that risked blocking the activity of his company: the solution was to choose to securitise on the LSE market in London something like 370 million euros of credits deriving from the 110% Super Bonus.

And to do this, Luxor Invest relied on what can be considered a pioneer in the financial field for the new use made of such a versatile and useful tool as securitisation: the Swiss deposit bank iSwiss, led by CEO Christopher Aleo, who has already been awarded the ‘Innovator in Finance’ award by Forbes for 2022.

iSwiss and Ing. Storniolo’s intuition was to see new uses for securitisation: in particular, that of monetising credits from the 110% Super Bonus, which at this point in history seem impossible to monetise in the traditional way.

An important intuition, which once again demonstrates how innovative Francesco Storniolo’s entrepreneurial spirit is: the Luxor company is only the latest of his creations, and he has been able to masterfully exploit the ‘wave’ caused by the Conte government and the Super Bonus on the growth of the construction sector.

Luxor Building, a construction company, has in fact managed to open the first construction sites that have taken advantage of this incredible opportunity, reaching a total of almost 200 sites and with the ambition of not stopping at this milestone.

A success that has seen Luxor Building realise works of the highest quality, thanks to its choice of materials and construction techniques, for a select, high-end clientele.

And a success that is based on Francesco Storniolo’s incredible ability to see works already completed in the moment of realisation, hence the ability to create and follow projects that flow smoothly and precisely, even when they are particularly complex and demanding.

Andrew Anderson
Euronewspress JSC

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