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VRMD System Gives Riot Control Officers a Powerful Crowd Control Option from the Safety of Their Own Vehicles

SARNIA, ON / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2020 / Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. (OTC PINK:LLLI), an innovation leader and manufacturer of advanced security solutions for law enforcement, military and security agencies worldwide, has expanded the company’s long established family of Riot Control products to include a Vehicle Roof Mount Dispenser (VRMD). This new system can give riot control officers a very effective and far reaching option to disburse unruly crowds from within the safety of their own vehicles.

The VRMD mounts securely to the roof of the vehicle via 3 strong suction cups and shoots 2 powerful streams of Lamperd manufactured OC Pepper Compound (mixed into a water based solution) from pressurized nozzles that can reach up to 80 feet downrange. The angle of fire can also be vertically adjusted within a 60 degree arc. Overall size of the VRMD roof unit is 24in x 4in. The system holds 1 gallon on OC Pepper Compound and a fill kit is included. The Lamperd OC Pepper Compound is very irritating but otherwise harmless so it is ideal to encourage unruly persons to move out of the area of use without posing any significant safety threat.

Lamperd Less Lethal has a long established history of supplying effective and safe Riot Control products to peace keeping forces all around the globe. Another of Lamperd’s family of OC Pepper Riot Control products is our very successful Crowd Control Tank (CCT) system which is a man carried unit that Lamperd has sold to over 100 users in various countries for over 20 years.

The Lamped CCT utilizes two strong, but lightweight aluminum tanks that are carried in a rugged, padded backpack. This allows the officer free use of both hands and arms, and also serves as protection for the tanks and keeps them from access by an attacker. Additionally, instead of having to point a cumbersome tank in the direction one wants to fire, all the CCT requires is to point and fire the hand-held nozzle. This means an officer can fire in virtually any direction without having to turn and point the tank at the crowd. The CCT is safe, allows more officer mobility and firing flexibility while covering the same distance as other units, but it can do so for 90 seconds non-stop or up to 200 short bursts in a 40 foot range without a refill.

Barry Lamperd, CEO of Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc. commented, “With all of the riot control issues happening in the US and other countries at this time, we are making every effort to offer peace officers the most effective and the safest options to maintain public order as well as protect innocent lives and property while also helping to ensure the officers’ own safety. The new Vehicle Roof Mount Dispenser system we have just introduced will provide a long range and versatile option and also give peace officers the added security of using it from within the safety of their own vehicles. We have had over twenty years of success selling our man carried CCT Pepper Spray System all over the world so we know this is a very effective and also a very safe type of product. Additionally, since these systems employ no explosive components they require no special export permits and can be shipped by most common carriers with no special requirements.”

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