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LAS VEGAS, Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ionix Technology, Inc. (IINX), (“Ionix Technology”, “IINX” or “the Company”), a business aggregator in photoelectric display and smart energy fields, today announced that the Board of Directors has adopted corporate governance documents including Audit Committee Charter, Compensation Committee Charter, Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Charter and Code of Ethics. The corporate governance documents are available on the corporate governance page of the company’s IR website:

Board Committees

In addition, the Board of Directors of IINX established an Audit Committee and a Compensation Committee, effective August 9, 2019, and on August 14, 2019, the Board established a Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee as follows:

  • Audit Committee: Hui Zhang (Chairman), Anthony Saviano, and Zhenyu Wang
  • Compensation Committee: Zhenyu Wang (Chairman), Yongsheng Fu and Qinghua Shi
  • Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee: Yongsheng Fu (Chairman), Zhenyu Wang, and Qinghua Shi

“The establishing of internal corporate governance represents the latest progress in a series of proactive improvements the Company has recently made,” said Mr. Cheng Li, Chairman of IINX. “These moves improve our corporate governance profile and reflect valuable feedback received during the Company’s ongoing engagement with shareholders on governance matters.”

About Ionix Technology, Inc.

Ionix Technology, Inc. is a holding company that is principally engaged in the photoelectric display and smart energy industries. The company has four operating subsidiaries: Changchun Fangguan Photoelectric Display Technology Co., Ltd, a company which specializes in developing, designing, producing, and selling TN and STN LCD, STN, CSTN, and TFT LCD modules as well as other related products; Shenzhen Baileqi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, a company which specializes in LCD slicing, filling, researching and designing, manufacturing and selling of LCD Modules (LCM) and PCBs; Lisite Science Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a company engaged in the production of intelligent electronic devices; and Dalian Shizhe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a company engaged in photovoltaic power generation, electric vehicles and charging piles with corresponding operation and maintenance and three dimensional parking. Currently, IINX has embarked on the layout of industrialization and marketization of front end materials and back end modules of liquid crystal displays and applications of flexible folding display technology by taking Changchun Fangguan and Shenzhen Baileqi as production bases, to seize the market share of OLED high technology.

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