ImproveID Secure Identity Services Platform Now FIDO2.1 Certified

Better customer experience-driven digital identity to provide trusted interactions that satisfy security, privacy, regulatory, and compliance requirements.

Secure, Simple, & Affordable Phishing-Resistant Passwordless Authentication & Identity Verification User Journeys to Satisfy Compliance & Privacy Requirements.

LEWES, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 24, 2023 / — ImproveID, Inc., a leader in identity management and authentication, announced that its Secure Identity Services Platform has received FIDO Alliance’s Level 2.1 Certification. This certification means FIDO Alliance has recognized that ImproveID’s Platform meets the security and functional requirements for FIDO2.1 Passwordless authentication, credential management, and support for CTAP2.1 authenticator lifecycle management such as YubiKeys from Yubico. ImproveID’s Platform supports new features CTAP2.1 introduces including enterprise attestation (EA), PIN management, and RPID restriction. ImproveID customers can move beyond phishable passwords and leverage unphishable access for their devices, apps, online services and networks.

FIDO 2.1 Certification offers a wide range of benefits to customers in terms of security, rapid deployment, scalability and affordability from the platform capabilities including world-class zero-trust architecture, complete identity lifecycle orchestration, and management from start to finish with enrollment, verification, credential issuance, passwordless authentication with FIDO2 & CBA, federation and Single Sign On (SSO). In addition, ImproveID provides Passwordless multifactor authentication using FIPS-certified Authenticators with FIDO2, PKI/PIV, and OATH multi-protocol capabilities for physical and online logical access.

ImproveID’s solutions are at the leading edge. When making cybersecurity products, ImproveID follows standards like FIDO, ISO, NIST 800-63-3, and ICAO guidelines but also has a human-centric focus to provide the best customer experience. This enables providers and verifiers to easily issue and manage multifactor credentials to provide the highest level of protection, secure interactions, and meet compliance needs.

About ImproveID:

ImproveID is a recognized leader in identity management, intelligence, and authentication services. With over two decades of experience, ImproveID has innovated to build some of the most secure services in the world to address many of the customer’s concerns around privacy and compromised credentials.

We continuously simplify and modernize digital identity and secure interactions that satisfy security, privacy, regulatory, and compliance requirements. ImproveID believes in identity-first zero trust security with global reach and accessible pricing to protect everyone and everything.

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