Iliyan Kuzmanov surpassed Stephen King on the UK Talk Radio Chart

Iliyan Kuzmanov is the author of the latest sensation, “The Devil I Know Him!�.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 15, 2022 / — The Bulgarian writer Iliyan Kuzmanov, with his new book “The Devil I Know Him!â€� has displaced Stephen King from the first place in the December ranking of one of the most listened to radios on the Island Talk Radio. The Bulgarian writer also passed John Grisham and former US President Mike Pence with his autobiography “Help Me God!â€�

This is a sensational success for Bulgarian and Eastern European literature, which over the past 30 years has had difficulty shaking off its communist intellectual legacy. The post-Marxist literary school, heavily influenced by Putin’s ideology, has found it difficult to break outside orthodox leftist circles in the West. Iliyan Kuzmanov has shown that his works, saturated with common human themes told through accessible language, can be well received in the US and the UK and in Turkey, Romania, Macedonia, and Serbia.

That is such a prestigious ranking to achieve as an author from the Balkans has surpassed hugely successful commercial writers such as Stephen King. This also signifies the overall success of Bulgarian literature, which cannot shake off its heavy communist legacy, burdened with the heavy ideology and propaganda of its neighbor, the Putin regime. “

Iliyan Kuzmanov’s novel is bold, creating a truthful and clear sense of something lived. Kuzmanov paints vivid pictures in this book, which is an obvious metaphor for the communist society that is still rampant throughout Eastern Europe today.â€� Wrote The Washington Mail about the book. “The recent novel by the master of neoliberal motivational philosophy, Iliyan Kuzmanov, “The Devil I Know!â€� is dedicated to freedom. Iliyan reinvents timeless values with biting sarcasm.”

Puck’s opinion in the Michigan Post. “There’s nothing better than reading a brilliant work by an author who has something new and innovative to say about spirituality. “The Devil I Know Him!â€� by Iliyan Kuzmanov, includes a skillful and unique narrative, revealing to us the sacred path to enlightenment hidden within the human condition. This novel is a surprising mystical gem that explains the vast possibilities of human will and faith.” Is what The Boston Courier says about our writer.

With his first book, “If You Meet Buddha Kill Him!�, one year ago, Iliyan conquered the Amazon charts asking what “Free Choice� and “Personal Will� mean. Both rebellious books contributed to the dissident status of Iliyan Kuzmanov, who found refuge in Britain.

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