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HafeziCapital helps clients with successful feasibility studies for USDA Bank financing. You only have one chance for loan approval, choose HafeziCapital.

The goal of HafeziCapital is to provide clarity and guidance for project funding success. We work to fully understand your project and deliver well-articulated feasibility studies for funding,””

— Babak Hafezi, MA MBA

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA, USA, January 5, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — HafeziCapital has helped clients nationwide structure strong and successful feasibility studies for USDA Bank financing. Several programs within the USDA require strong and tested business models for bank underwriting.

HafeziCapital has over a decade of experience structuring deals and developing functional business models for the bank, investors, and government agencies. HafeziCapital has a solid reputation within the industry, and it was awarded the “Top 10 Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions Firm in 2022” by Financial Services Magazine, a magazine of its peers.

When banks underwrite your project, they look for respected third-party reviewers with a proven history of delivering quality analysis. Weak studies will increase the project’s overall lending costs (higher interest rates, require larger down payments, require more collateral) or outright deny your project for funding. You only have one chance to submit your loan for bank approval, don’t take a chance and get rejected. HafeziCapital has a proven track record and is highly respected as a firm that delivers quality feasibility studies.

HafeziCapital approaches USDA Feasibility Studies with a detailed analysis of your project. We meet with the business leaders, understand your business, your sources of revenue, and the areas that differentiate your business, and package the Company in a way that positions it best for funding. Strong Feasibility Studies can alleviate inconsistencies within your business model and provide the banks with comfort in funding your project. Lower-quality studies will only provide you with the detailed approach necessary to fund your project.

Developing strong and well-articulated Feasibility Studies requires time and the ability to research projects and industries in detail. HafeziCapital takes the time to meet with your organization to fully understand the industry, marketing, operations, technical competencies, financial model, and development costs (if any), which requires the skill of aligning and satisfying multiple interests. HafeziCapital has helped structure over $1.975 billion worth of projects in agriculture, farming, energy, dairy, cattle, butchering, rural area development, food supply, medical and hospital facility, athletic clubs, and apartment complex and commercial re-development. HafeziCapital understands the complexities of each of the industries and helps provide clarity within the business process.

HafeziCapital has represented the underwriting departments of banks to provide project clarity for funding. Thus we know what banks and the USDA program look for when underwriting. Our award-winning team can help your organization get funded with strong Feasibility Studies. “The goal of HafeziCapital is to provide clarity and guidance for project funding success. We work with the teams to fully understand the respective projects and deliver strong and well-articulated feasibility studies for funding,” states Babak Hafezi, MA MBA, the CEO of HafeziCapital.

HafeziCapital can be reached via telephone at 1 (800) 427-1303 or via its website at www.hafezicapital.com.

About HafeziCapital:

HafeziCapital is a boutique consulting firm with headquarters in McLean, Virginia, and offices across the primary center of business and finance throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Australia-Asia. Hafezi Capital’s extensive experience and focus rest on project review and analysis, financial and organizational structure, market research, economic analysis, country analysis, project analysis, and feasibility studies. HafeziCapital has worked with Startups to Fortune 100 Companies in virtually every industry: manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, oil and gas, real estate development, hospital, city development, and technology. Since its inception, Hafezi Capital has been dedicated to providing high-quality insights into business analysis and structure and fully understands how to bring viable and long-lasting solutions to the challenges its clientele faces in a competitive global market. HafeziCapital’s award winning team has structured more than $1.975 billion worth of projects, and has been awarded the “Top 10 Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions Firm in 2022” by Financial Services Magazine.

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