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PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2022 / — In today’s challenging times tax laws are becoming increasingly complex and there is just so much legal jargon that the average person cannot possibly complete their tax filings without overpaying. For business owners looking to grow their business and increase profitability it’s especially critical to capitalize on legal tax loopholes. Yet, a high percentage are paying more than what is legally required. Luckily, there are some experienced qualified professionals who not only provide tax filings, they also maximize refunds and save us money. There are also fewer helping business owners find long term increased wealth and entrepreneurial success.

Gretl Siler is a top-notch CPA and owner of Lighthouse CPAs with over twenty-five years working with business owners and individuals.

“Although we absolutely prepare accounting, payroll, and tax returns for hundreds of businesses and real estate investors that’s where other CPA firms draw the line. I go the extra mile so as busy entrepreneurs you can focus on running your business. My objective is to help you generate profits without having to worry about struggling with the bookkeeping. I help you identify the right strategies so you can grow a more efficient and profitable business. We also have a tax resolution part of our business where we help people take the weight of the IRS off their back and solve their pressing tax problems.�

Passionate about helping businesses succeed, Gretl considers herself more of business advisor than just a tax preparer. She works primarily with business owners and real estate investors. She doesn’t just “do� taxes she builds lifelong relationships. Gretl says most business owners know how to manage the technical side of their business but when it comes to making certain their business is profitable, they are not always so good at that. Gretl provides guidance throughout the year so her clients can pay the least amount of tax possible and improve her client’s long-term success.

“The fact is it takes more than a CPA just calculating tax returns. If we wish to make any change in the amount of tax our client will pay we must sit down with them before the end of the year and evaluate if there is anything can be done to change the amount of tax that will be paid.�

Gretl points out that individuals with an average income and just a W-2, who own a home, and have two kids cannot do much to change the amount of tax they will pay besides putting money in a retirement plan. On the other hand, with business owners there are lots of tax planning strategies to work with and most don’t understand what all their options are.

Gretl also emphasizes another key strategy for business owners known as the exit plan. She emphasizes that every business should have an exit plan, so when business owners are ready to retire or transition their business to someone else, they can maximize their financial return and avoid tax pitfalls. She can help any business owner develop a pre-emptive plan.

Moreover, with so many technical parts of selling a business that impact tax and exit planning she does not forget another side of the exit plan. The people side. This includes sitting down with a professional like herself and talking about life changes that will occur when they sell. For instance, can they live on their new source of income? How will they spend their time when they don’t have a business that consumes most of their life? How will they stay connected to people when most of their current connections are a result of their business?

“I encourage all business owner to seek out business advisors that that will not just file taxes, but help you navigate through the many challenges that businesses owners face. There is so much info out there and I am one of the most experienced professionals that is best prepared in helping you make plans around your money so you can obtain the financial abundance you have always dreamed of and live a less stressful and happier life.”

Close Up Radio will feature Gretl Siler in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday December 21st at 10 a.m. EST and on Wednesday December 28th at 10 a.m. EST with Doug Llewelyn

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