Gourmet Provisions International Corporation (GMPR)

Signed LOI to Acquire Black Rock Bar & Grills Valued Over $23 Million Annually, Specialty Pizza and Salsa Products Selling at Numerous Grocery Stores: Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (Stock Symbol GMPR)

  • Well Established Gourmet Food Provider with Valuable Partnerships.
  • Multiple Subsidiaries Focused on Trendy Pizza and Other Food Choices.
  • Acquisition Underway for $23+ Million Dollar Black Rock Bar & Grills.
  • Pizza Fusion Gluten-Free Frozen Pizzas Available At 50 Grocery Stores.
  • Jose Madrid Salsa Selling in 150+ Grocery Stores.
  • Authorized Shares Lowered From 3 Billion to 275 Million.

Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) brought on Jack Brewer as Brand Ambassador & Brewer Media & Entertainment Group in October of 2017. Brewer Media Group was brought on to help build all aspects of the company’s many Gourmet brands. GMPR has a primary focus on the increase of online and retail sales, social media presence and overall content, public persona, and awareness, acquire acquisition opportunities and much more. GMPR has five wholly-owned subsidiaries; Jose Madrid Salsa, Pizza Fusion, Unique Tap House, Unique Foods CBD Edibles & PopsyCakes and has a Licensing agreement with Christopher Street Products.

  • Signed LOI to Purchase $23+ Million Dollar Black Rock Bar & Grills

On September 2nd GMPR announced the company has signed a Letter of Intent to purchase: the master franchising rights for the state of Georgia & Western Pennsylvania; controlling interest in the four existing Florida based Black Rock Bar & Grills; controlling interest in two of the existing Michigan based Black Rock Bar & Grills.

According to the LOI, GMPR will buy 51% of the existing Florida Black Rock Bar & Grills with locations in: Tampa, Brandon, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and will purchase controlling interest in two of the Michigan locations, including all of the assets, debts, service contracts and revenues.

The combined total 2020 COVID-19 reduced revenues of the Florida based Black Rock’s and two Michigan locations were impressively in excess of $23 million. Black Rock Bar and Grill of Florida operates under 5 separate entities: The Parent company owns the master rights for the state of Florida. The next 3 Florida Black Rock locations are already in the development stage and future announcements will provide full details and accurate annual revenue potential of an additional $10 million+ in revenues, bringing the projected annual revenues to approximately $33,000,000+.

James Vowler President & CEO of GMPR stated: “Our entire brand from its conception in 1995 has been based on Unique ideas in the food Industry and Gourmet superior products that outperform the rest of the food industry, the Black Rock brand checks all of those boxes. They bring out Gourmet quality food on a very hot and Unique stone making the customer’s dining experience a one of a kind! The opportunity to partner with Paul and Black Rock Florida was an easy one, this acquisition will immediately add $23 million+ to our bottom line revenues and will be an important catalyst to build shareholder equity as we work towards uplisting to NASDAQ.

To learn more about Black Rock Bar & Grill visit:

  • GMPR Pizza Fusion Gluten-Free Frozen Pizzas Now Available At 50 Grocery Stores

On August 19th GMPR announced its wholly owned subsidiary Pizza Fusion “Saving the Earth One Pizza at a Time” Gluten-Free Frozen Pizzas are now in stock and available at 50 grocery stores in Ohio & Pennsylvania. All three Gluten-Free Pizza Fusion frozen pizzas “Four Cheese”, “Founders Pie” and “The Vegan” are selling fantastically and because of the strong sales all 50 grocery stores have placed their second order with GMPR distributor Gia Russo.

That week Bloomfield PA held its world-famous “Bloomfield Little Italy Days” an annual street festival filled with local vendors offering their goods. Jose Madrid Salsa (a wholly owned subsidiary of GMPR) will had a double booth set up, offering its Gourmet award-winning 28 salsas and a second booth featuring the three Pizza Fusion fully cooked gluten-free pizzas.

James Vowler, President & CEO of GMPR stated: “Over the past couple of weeks our local demo teams has sampled our delicious pizzas at many area supermarkets and the customer response has been amazing! Customers young and old have stopped by our demo tables to try our very Unique & Gourmet Pizzas and overwhelmingly the response has been extremely positive and has enticed our new customers to buy multiple pizzas that day. We have a lot of exciting corporate news to share over the next couple of weeks, and we will be putting out many press releases detailing our major accomplishments such as: the Steak Deal, Gelato, products into a huge new distributor, NASDAQ updates plus much more exciting happenings.”

  • GMPR Jose Madrid Salsa Selling in 150+ Grocery Stores

On June 9th GMPR announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Jose Madrid Salsa (JMS) has 28 Gourmet Salsas available NOW in 150+ grocery, convenience & liquor Stores throughout Ohio. Jose Madrid Salsa, “The Healthy Fundraiser”, started selling its Gourmet Salsas in 1993 and quickly established the brand as the #1 Salsa Fundraiser nationwide. Currently JMS continues to lead the industry in fundraising but because of this past crazy year, has decided to expand a larger presence into the retail marketplace. Over the past 12 months the JMS sales team quickly brought their Gourmet Salsas into 150+ retail outlets throughout Ohio and is ready to expand to neighboring states. JMS has recently purchased another custom delivery vehicle and hired more staff in preparation for this expansion.

  • GMPR Lowers Authorized Shares from 3 Billion to 275 Million

On February 4th GMPR announced dramatically lowering its Authorized Common Shares from 3 Billion to 275 Million. GMPR filed the corporate action with the State of Delaware on February 1st, received the File Stamped document from Delaware, and filed the substantial lowering of Authorized shares with Pacific Stock Transfer on February 3rd.  

GMPR has also developed a partnership with a NY Times Best Selling Author & Popular Comedian to help establish and launch a Gourmet line of food products, starting with his own personal line of Pancake Mix & Syrup, all under his custom brand.

GMPR division Pizza Fusion Gourmet Provisions International Corp. acquired the multi award-winning Pizza Fusion brand, with existing locations in the US & Saudi Arabia, in March 2019. In 2006, Pizza Fusion changed the pizza industry with its award-winning organic, gluten-free delicious healthy pizzas, with a big emphasis on every product and location, keeping to the company’s motto ‘Saving the Earth one Pizza at a Time!’.

For more information on Gourmet Provisions International Corp. (GMPR) visit these websites:

Jose Madrid Salsa:

Christopher Street Products: https//


Gourmet Provisions International Corporation franchises pizza and sub restaurants in the United States. Its restaurants offer pizzas, subs, calzones, salads, and beverages. The company also provides an express franchise for carts/kiosks; and retail franchises for retailers. The company was formerly known as Unique Foods Corporation and changed its name to Gourmet Provisions International Corporation in November 2020. Gourmet Provisions International Corporation is based in Trafford, Pennsylvania.


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