GMSacha Inchi $QEDN release the program of the Miniterio de agricultura for Sacha Inchi for 5,000 hectares

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GMSacha Inchi presenting at the mesa nacional

GMSacha Inchi $QEDN release the program of the ” Miniterio de agricultura ” for Sacha Inchi for 5,000 hectares of Sacha Inchi.

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— Nanny Katharina (Kate) Bahnsen

MEDELLIN, ANTIOQUIA, COLOMBIA, December 8, 2022 / — The “Miniterio de Agricultura” of Colombia announce during the event called “Mesa Nacional de Sacha Inchi” in Bogota on December 6, 2022, that wants to help farmers in Colombia to grow 5,000 hectares of Sacha Inchi. The project has a value of $29,000,000 USD. GMSacha Inchi $QEDN will work together with the “Miniterio de Agricultura” to set up meetings with Nestle, Starbucks, Grupo Nutresa, Grupo Argus, Avianca, CocaCola, Argus, Bancolombia, USAid, German Embassy, USA Embassy, European Union, PepsiCo, and other entities to raise the funds to grow the 5,000 hectares of Sacha Inchi.
GMSacha Inchi $QEDN will benefit from this program because:

1- GMSacha Inchi will sell the seeds to grow Sacha Inchi. This is one more source of income for GMS for 2023 to 2026.

2- GMSacha Inchi will provide the Agronomist Engineer to grow Sacha Inchi and teach farmers the proper way to grow Sacha Inchi. This is another source of income for GMS for 2023 to 2026.

3- GMSacha Inchi will sign contracts with the majority of Farmers that will enter this program.

4- GMSacha Inchi will have the opportunity to show our products to companies like Starbucks, Grupo Nutresa, Grupo Argus, Avianca, CocaCola, Argus, Bancolombia, USAid, German Embassy, USA Embassy, European Union, PepsiCo. All these companies will know that GMSacha Inchi $QEDN has the contract to buy the seeds and that the government of Colombia is backing this project.

5- GMSacha Inchi has already signed NDA with Nestle and we have already shipped products to Nestle. Nestle will be able to know that GMSacha Inchi and its farmers have the Colombian government backing them and GMSacha Inchi can provide enough product to produce over 160,000,000 liters per year after the 5,000 hectares are planted.

6- The Ministery of Agricultura in Colombia is looking to work with Starbucks and GMS to grow Sacha Inchi because Starbucks has already invested $3 Million USD to grow more Coffee trees in Colombia. GMSacha Inchi is the only plant-based beverage that can make a cappuccino like milk. Almond beverages or any other plant-based beverages do not make foam like milk, therefore GMSacha Inchi beverage is a better choice because it has Omega 3,6,9, a complete vegan protein, and only 30 calories per serving.

Starbucks Coffee Company and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) have announced an expansion of their program to support Colombian coffee growers in the Starbucks C.A.F.E. Practices network, that will see an extra 22 million trees planted in the country. In 2020, through an agreement, Starbucks provided the FNC with a USD $3 million investment to support a new coffee crop renovation program, with the goal of distributing 23 million coffee seedlings by 2023. Within the first year of the program, more than 7 million coffee seedlings were distributed to Colombian farmers.

Following this success, the 2022 project expansion now includes an additional USD $4.2 million grant for the extra trees and will also support farmers with fertilisers during the early growth stage for every renovated tree.

This program builds on a ten-year partnership between Starbucks and the FNC and aims to help more than 12,000 farmers who participate in the C.A.F.E. Practices program under which Starbucks sources its coffee globally.

“In service of Starbucks’ aspiration to ensure a sustainable future of coffee for all, we are pleased to strengthen our partnership with Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and increase our support of local coffee farmers through the expansion of this important tree renovation program,� says Tim Scharrer, Managing Director and Vice President of Starbucks coffee and cocoa.

Working hand-in-hand with farmers in the field, the local Starbucks Farmer Support Center and the FNC, through its technical division and its office in Europe, will continue to oversee the project, which includes technical assistance, such as virtual training and field visits to farmers for planting of the seedlings, as well as recommendations for renovation of coffee plantations and verification of the trees established for the fertilization incentive.
“These programs confirm the great commitment of Starbucks to Colombian coffee growers’ well-being, coffee farming quality and sustainability, and environmental protection. Starbucks is a strategic partner of Colombian coffee and the FNC,� says Roberto Ve�lez, FNC CEO.

“As we expand our footprint across Colombia and continue to bring the Starbucks Experience to more customers, we are tremendously proud of the Colombian arabica coffee served in our cafe�s,� says Francisco Tosso, Director of Starbucks Colombia.

” Colombia will be a world leader in Sacha Inchi like Colombia did with Coffee”. Having the Colombia government working hand in hand with GMSacha Inchi $QEDN will ensure that we will have enough production of Sacha Inchi to produce and ship GMSacha Inchi beverage, GMSacha Inchi snack, GMSacha Inchi infusion, GMSacha Inchi powder, and GMSacha Inchi pet line. And companies like Nestle and other know that GMSacha Inchi has the backing of the Colombian government.

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