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Advanced Health-Tech Wearable Products for Muscle Therapeutics and Subsidiary Business in Renewable Fuels: Forza Innovations Inc. (Stock Symbol: FORZ)

  • Health-Tech Wearable Therapeutic Devices to Reduce Muscle Inflammation. 
  • Applications in Sports, Medicine, Recreation, Outdoor Work, Military and More.
  • Recent Re-Engineering Effort to Optimize Product Line Design and Function.    
  • Localized Supply Chain for Dependable Delivery with Green Manufacturing. 
  • Acquisition of Sustainable Origins Inc. for Collections and Refinement of Renewable Fuel Inputs.

Forza Innovations Inc. (OTC: FORZ) based in San Diego, CA, is in the health-tech wearable performance business. FORZ has acquired all of the ownership and the rights to certain late, developmental stage, WarmUp products.

FORZ WarmUp wearable back compression devices are used to relax, warm, loosen, or relax stiff & sore muscles. The therapeutic application of heat causes a change in temperature of the soft tissues which decreases joint stiffness and relieves inflammation. When combined with the strategic placement of FORZ medical grade support ribs & ergonomic design, WarmUp Thermal Therapy is unmatched. FORZ Warmup was originally designed to help aid marquee Pro Athletes perform at their best. However, the WarmUp Series will be for everyone, ideal for a chilly day on the links, Ski/Snowboarding, Hunters/Fishers, Outdoor Work, Medical, Military and everything in between.

Re-Engineered Next Gen WarmUp Line of Products

On July 19th FORZ announced that the company’s Innovation Lab team has been working to redesign several products from the original WarmUp line. The FORZ J4 Sport and J4X are two products selected for redesign from the original version to second generation.

Johnny Forzani, President and CEO of FORZ, commented, “Everything I have learned over 10 years prototyping and designing wearable technology in China, we now have accessible right here in San Diego. Localizing our supply chain represents a tremendous opportunity to completely control and protect the design process from start to finish. Sourcing locally not only contributes to green manufacturing but will ultimately boost consumer confidence due to having faster and more predictable delivery times, as well as high quality final products. Very few domestic companies within the manufacturing sector have this flexible accessibility. These benefits brand Forza as a very attractive joint venture development partner.”

Significantly overhauled from the original version of WarmUp, the FORZ team upgraded everything from look and style to functionality, the user interface, the materials used and the manufacturing processes.  They also added innovative functions to create a value-added product.

The next steps included prototyping as well as showcasing 3D renderings of the re-engineered J4 Sport and J4X. FORZ is expanding the Innovation Lab team with highly skilled seamsters’ and new equipment to advance the WarmUp line of products custom-sewn textile elements.

The J4X is a heavy-duty medical back brace that has huge potential in the medical field. FORZ is planning on filing a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for review. FORZ also has plans to file for FDA Approval as a Class A Medical Device for the reconstructed second generation J4X.

Mr. Forzani further commented. “Product design and innovation has and will always be our top priority. The journey to get to where we are today has involved considerable time and dedication. Ensuring the innovation lab is equipped with the optimal machinery and personnel has been essential. We have arrived at the time where Sustainable Origins is triumphing their expansion plans and the Innovation Lab is fully operational with talent and technology synergizing development every day. The sky is the limit for this team and investors who join the journey.”

Sustainable Origins Subsidiary for Renewable Fuel Collections and Refinement    

On July 12th FORZ provided a company update for Sustainable Origins Inc., its first acquisition.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Sustainable Origins is in the business of collections and refinement of renewable fuel inputs. Sustainable continues to acquire new clients in 2022.

When properly collected, transported and recycled, cooking grease is converted into yellow grease, a valuable component used in the production of renewable diesel. There is a perpetually increasing demand for cleaner fuel alternatives as society becomes more environmentally conscious. Yellow grease is a component in the production of renewable diesel, a cleaner burning fuel that reduces carbon emissions by up to 85 percent. Climate change is becoming a more pressing issue by the day and healthier alternatives to petroleum are in high demand worldwide, which in turn increases the demand for yellow grease. That price of yellow grease is likely to continue to rise.

FORZ owned Sustainable Origins is rapidly expanding through the Carolinas by building a strong customer base with multi year contracts. Increased business has boosted revenues and the selling price point of collected product is also steadily rising.  From January 2022 thru June 2022 the selling price has risen by over $1.30 per gallon on average.

Aloysius Callaghan, C.E.O. of Sustainable, comments that, “We expect the average price per gallon to be higher going forward. We have our unique containers at each pick up site and a regular collection schedule which maintains quality of the product without contaminates. As we scale clients and revenues, we will increase our profitability.”

Steadily growing its customer base, Sustainable has recently signed several contracts for collections with 3 Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse restaurants and 3 City Kitch Commissaries with 30 restaurants/food trucks per location. Denver Waterjet will be fabricating unique containers to place at each location. Sustainable Origins has a new allied membership with NCRLA (North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association) and is in talks with LEPR advertising agency to increase media exposure and marketing opportunities. Sustainable is adding roles and hiring several new team members to meet the growing demand of its services.

“I am proud of the work Aloy and Alex have put in so far. After taking over a business that was operational for over 2 years at a net loss, in 4 short months we have already reached profitability. The sky is the limit for this team,” stated Johnny Forzani, CEO of FORZ.

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