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FXO Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms Placed in the Home

Introducing FXO Standalone and Interlinked Detectors which includes FXO interlinked heat alarm, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm.

ENGLAND, December 14, 2022 / — As an innovative fire extinguisher company, it felt natural for the next stage of Firexo’s development to evolve towards offering home safety alarms that alert you to a potential fire.

Introducing FXO Standalone and Interlinked Detectors which includes FXO interlinked heat alarm, smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm.

These alarms take the hassle out of fire safety in your home, business or property with their 10-year tamper proof battery. Whilst Firexo still encourage testing your alarm at least once a month, the battery is designed to last the recommended 10-year lifetime of the alarm under optimum conditions. We also advise vacuuming the outer casing every 6 months to keep it free of dust for optimal performance.

So many of us lead such busy lives now, by removing one more job from your routine by simply testing your device rather than having to buy and replace your smoke alarm batteries, we like to think we are keeping your safety a priority without adding to your workload.

Back to these incredible alarms. Let’s get to the depths of each one for you.

The FXO standalone optical smoke alarm – optical sensing alarms are proven to be quicker at recognising smoke than an ionisation smoke alarm and less likely to sound a false alarm. Once installed using the fixings provided, the alarm will sound at more than 85 decibels and display bright LED display if it detects a fire.

FXO Wireless Interlinked Optical Smoke alarm, CE & EN accredited – ideal for all living, circulation areas, stairways and communal areas.

FXO Wireless Interlinked Heat detector, CE, UKCA & BS accredited – perfect for kitchen and garage areas that are unsuitable for smoke alarms.

FXO Wireless Interlinked Carbon monoxide detector, CE, UKCA & EN accredited – recommended for living areas that contain a fixed combustion appliance.

These interlinked alarms will connect with other interlinked FXO alarm products. Allowing you to protect all areas of your home. All alarms come with a 10-year tamper proof battery.

Using Firexo’s simple 3-2-1 setup for wireless F.I.R.E.F.A.S.T connectivity, all FXO interlinking devices communicate to send instant alarm responses allowing for a quicker response and evacuation time and the potential for less damage to be caused. Firexo’s heat alarm uses a thermistor to give a quick alert when it detects a rapid increase in temperature whilst not reacting to fumes or dust. Firexo’s CO alarm uses an electrochemical sensor allowing you to easily position Firexo alarms effectively throughout the home.

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