Finxeed to Launch its Web Trading Platform in December 2022

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TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 8, 2023 / — Since its inception in 2020, Finxeed has always retained a vision of providing trusted means of authentication to its users. Following this philosophy, in December 2022, Finxeed will officially launch its website and its funding program for the trading platform. Finxeed’s funding program will aid traders by providing them with the trading capital for a lower cost to kickstart their trading journey. Serving as a safe entry point, participating traders will benefit from reaping up to 90% of the profit earned while the losses are covered by the company. In addition, traders will be given full flexibility on their preferred trading techniques and tools to meet the program’s requirements. Traders can also rest assured that Finxeed will provide services that aid authenticity and security for its users.

Finxeed, founded for 2 years, has been in the industry for some time and has held a fair share of events in the trading community to connect fellow like-minded traders, working closely with competent traders in the field including experienced traders and market experts. To be deeply involved in trading community, Finxeed has identified a common obstacle that keeps many traders from engaging in the ever-evolving world of trading; that is, trading capital as an entry requirement is often not achievable for a vast majority of aspiring traders. With this platform’s funding program, Finxeed aims to help users overcome this obstacle, providing experienced traders with the tools to prosper and equipping new traders with low-risk entry requirements to commence their trading journey. Finxeed comprehends that security and authenticity are the main concerns for traders when cooperating with investors; therefore, it strives to ensure that collected data are processed through proper verification and certification methods.

Jaz Pee, CEO of Finxeed, states that the funded program has its own prerequisite, that is, the program’s challenge dubbed the “STOT Evaluation�, which functions as a precursor for traders to prove their skills as a trader before they are awarded a real STOT funded account to trade. STOT Programme has various packages and price ranges to accommodate any kind of trader, from well-experienced traders looking for a large buy-in and an equally large return to aspiring traders pursuing their risk-free trading journey. Registered users would be pleased with STOT’s 3-day free trial with a limited scope of functions for users as well as for those who want to make their first attempts. During the trial period, any progress made will not be counted on the evaluation. The STOT Programme will set up 2 phases for participants to accomplish before they are awarded a funded account. Participants have limited chances to re-attempt the phase or re-challenge if they unsuccessfully meet the target. Progress is thoroughly verified through various procedures to ensure a fair playing field for everyone.

Finxeed’s funded program has a few traits that make it stand out from others. Some of which are:
– Offer a wide range of packages, suitable for all kinds of users.
– Up to 90% profit share based on performance.
– Phase 2 at half-price to rechallenge if failed.
– Complimentary 2 chances.
– The registration fee is refundable if the user passes.
– Up to 200k scaling.

A trading journey isn’t always a smooth one, but with the help of Finxeed’s widespread community network, it can be much easier with access to 24/7 support as well as a community discord where like-minded people can cooperate and mutually produce fruitful results. Finxeed is dedicated to the services it provides in pursuit of becoming a platform fostered by Trust, Transparency and Security.

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