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ORLANDO, Fla., July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Many will fairly argue that the small and microcap sector of the markets is the Wild West anew, a mercurial, fast-changing landscape where huge hits and misses happen over and over again.

They aren’t wrong.

Of course the meme stocks like AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. and GameStop Corporation remind us that wild rides aren’t just the province of the smaller exchanges.

Crazy can happen anywhere, even on the noble New York Stock Exchange.

But what we find is present more often than not among the better micro and small cap stories is a good idea and a plan of action. Since talk is cheap among the aforementioned what we need to see is actual action. Good ideas are frankly everywhere.

Enter Pennexx Foods Inc. (Other OTC: PNNX), a technology company within the Software / Internet and Fintech industries. Pennexx’s products capitalize on the multibillion dollar social media market by enabling merchants to use social media to acquire, retain and grow their customer base using the Company’s proprietary Your Social Offers (YSO) program. YSO users scan a QR code or click a post online, register and share that reward with their friends so the marketing impact can be viral and exponential.

That should grab your attention.

Right now, Pennexx is also developing prepaid debit cards which link to its YSO program so rewards can be automatically added. YSO will also leverage artificial intelligence to optimize and create targeted marketing campaigns. Additionally, Pennexx is creating a unique pre-paid debit card.

We love the idea of reduced and aggressive customer acquisition. We know that space is hot.

But it’s just a great idea in a deck or on a white board without action and execution.

If you’ve read this far you had to know it was leading to some recent action items for Pennexx.

We appreciate your patience. 🙂

We’ve cherry picked some stuff from Pennexx that we think could be a big, big deal.

Hear us out:

Pennexx Has Added 740 Million LinkedIn Users to the Reach of Its Your Social Offers Platform

Our take: LinkedIn is simply a fantastic place to market. It’s a far more professional and well-healed community versus other Big Social and if being able to market to social media users is a gun, LinkedIn is a machine gun comparatively. The 740 million LinkedIn users speaks for itself.

Pennexx Has Entered Into a Joint Marketing Agreement With One of the Fastest Growing Business Solutions Companies in the $74 Billion Worldwide Payment Processing Market, Hybrid Business Solutions

Our take: Any regular reader of the Emerging Markets Report know that we love Big Deals with industry leaders. It’s not even the inherent revenue possibilities at scale, it’s the signal it sends that the well-informed industry titan are believers and willing to work with the upstart, the junior firm… the up and comer.

Pennexx to be Introduced to More Than 100 Million National TV Viewers Across Networks Such as Fox News, Bloomberg, American Agenda and Others Through Interviews With Jane King

And perhaps equally important, Pennexx is taking the show on the digital road. We often lament “Field of Dreams Theory” for smaller pubcos, with laid-back/complacent CEO’s thinking “If you build it they will come.”

Nope, the story often dies in the proverbial cornfield.

So, click on the link in the headline and look at A) the size of the audience that Pennexx is tapping into and B) the constituencies, which again like LinkedIn are often a source of a higher quality lead.

And these are just three Action Items from their recent press string. Take a look at them in full and note the combination of a real compelling story and some real Action Items under way.

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