Desiree Chinn, Founder Of Eleven11 Management, Is Proving That Near Failure Can Create The Best Business Strategy

Desiree Chinn

One woman becomes the saving grace for a whole industry with her white-labeled digital products.

Our products help credit repair organizations save time and money in their businesses.”

— Desiree Chinn

WACO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2023 / — Desiree Chinn’s leap into entrepreneurship almost ended before getting off the ground. Owner and CEO Of Eleven11 Management, Desiree Chinn, started a credit repair company in early 2021 with the desire to leave the life of 9 to 5 behind her. It was only a short time before Chinn realized that despite spending thousands on coaching, nobody had taught her how to market her company once it was up. She felt stuck – spinning her wheels and spending precious time creating marketing materials rather than signing clients.

Like any savvy entrepreneur, Chinn would take this challenge head-on and turn a pain point into a pivot. These days, Eleven11 Management exists as a digital marketing company for credit repair companies. Since August 2021, Chinn has custom-designed over one hundred and fifty white-label products fine-tuned for a credit repair company’s use. These are unique white-labeled materials that clients can customize with their logo and graphics to use at their discretion. Running a credit repair company and need new lead magnets? Download one from Eleven11’s store, apply graphics and go. Flyers, Ebooks, Newsletters, and presentations are all available and fully customizable as well.

Business is booming. In under five months, Eleven11 Management was a six-figure business. By the middle of 2022, they had grown past multiple six figures with over five thousand checkouts on their online storefront. These numbers are astounding for a new business, proving that the demand for affordable customizable marketing products is high. Desiree has a special gift for locating the needs within her community. She creates products that bring in clients in droves not only for herself but for her clients as well. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Recently, Chinn has added coaching to her business portfolio. For example, clients can now book one-on-one sessions with Desiree to learn how to market effectively to their audience. Clients needing a plan for the new year can schedule an end-of-the-year collaborative review or a one-on-one marketing strategy with Desiree herself.

Chinn says, “Our products help credit repair organizations save time and money in their business. Many of our products help our clients earn their initial investment back nearly immediately.” Busy entrepreneurs know that time is money. Any activity that saves time and allows them to pursue other passions and goals is invaluable. Desiree Chinn and Eleven11 Management give that opportunity to clients every day.

Desiree Chinn
Eleven11 Management

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