#CTCRevolution Payment App combines the best of the Centralized and Decentralized worlds

CTC’s decentralized system

CTC Challenge everything!

CTC is using the most secure Hard Wallet in the world. The SecuX V20 with its Vault Grade Security and Military-grade Infineon Secure Element chip.

Payment App release provides security and privacy with no data to show.

The next killer app is not the notes, its the links – Uniswap, Decentralized finance etc. Every application is a component the future ecosystem can gain from.”

— Vitalik Buterin

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, December 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — CTC International Services quietly released a Payment App in September without much fanfare to fly below the radar whilst their updates were being prepared. The upgrades promise to bring great disruption to the market, not to say that the current app isn’t a disruptor, it is.

The current payment app is a disruptor in every sense of the word. It takes a centralized payment system and turns it into a peer to peer decentralized system. By using their #CTCEncryption, the payment app gives complete privacy and security to your transactions when using at CTC’s merchants or within the CTC network through their Payment App. So many companies claim to look after your privacy and claim to not sell it to third parties but they don’t count them as third parties if they have an interest in that third party.

How is this revolutionary?

Normal payment apps like Beem it that are popular in Australia with over 500,000 users use the app to pay, request payment, transfer money to each other.

The CTC Payment App can do all that and more. It can also do NFC tap n go payments that gives it more functionality in our opinion than what’s out there in the market.

CTC is disrupting the payments data collection industry which is valued in the billions and growing every year. The main users of your data will have to request it from you and dare I say, pay you for it?

The coolest thing about the CTC Payment App is that it gives you complete privacy when you use it within the CTC Payment Ecosystem of Merchants and users. CTC gives complete control of your financial data back to the card user and the only person who has your data is you.

Protect your metadata today and download the CTC Payment App. The new upgrade and features will be coming soon!

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CTC International Services
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