CryptoCFOs Launch App to Access Crypto Tax & Accounting Community

CryptoCFOs Launch App to Access Crypto Tax & Accounting Community

The Account Ant NFT is now available on

Let’s break down the $5+ Billion market nobody except us talking about.

Professionals focused on building a practice in the DeFi / Web3 era can now access the CryptoCFOs Community from anywhere & even opt for a lifetime membership.

There’s an urgent need for accounting and tax professionals and those blockchain enthusiasts who support them in this colossally underserved $5+ Billion financial services blue ocean.”

— CEO Taylor Zork, CPA

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2023 / — CryptoCFOs ( is the premier tax & accounting community for CPAs/ Accountants, Tax Preparers, CFOs, Enrolled Agents, and Bookkeepers serving or entering the crypto industry. As this “niche” has become a necessity, professionals have no choice but to add accounting for crypto assets to their repertoire. Entrepreneurs in our community are capitalizing on new service offerings and an expanding client base while those not versed in what the IRS calls “digital assets” are left behind.

The addition of a mobile App (iOS / Android) improves accessibility to the community, enhancing the digital nomad lifestyle that members are accustomed to. Additionally, a discounted lifetime membership option is now available via a limited release of The Account Ants NFT.

“There’s an urgent need for accounting and tax professionals and those blockchain enthusiasts who support them in this colossally underserved $5+ Billion financial services blue ocean.” – CEO Taylor Zork, CPA from the CCFOs Costa Rica office

Crypto founders, seasoned executives and university professors engage with like-minded members to collectively advance the community’s crypto tax and accounting IQ. CryptoCFOs is the only community uniting experts and entrepreneurs committed to enhancing their skills, knowledge and growing their network. As we enter the Web3 era, new career paths will emerge where technical knowledge is a competitive advantage.

“The adoption rate of crypto assets in 2023 mirrors the Internet in 1997. I see the FTX collapse as the equivalent of the dotcom bust that kicked off 2000 when many said the “internet is a fad”. Maybe you missed Web2, but Web3 is in its infancy, and investors and start-ups desperately need your help going into Q1 2023 and decades beyond.” – CFO Brian Whalen, CPA from the CCFOs Massachusetts office

Pro members & NFT holders receive access to more than 50 on-demand courses, weekly live discussions, office hours, and priority access to events. Certification programs, CPE offerings, and the Practice Builder platform will be added to the existing utility of the NFT in Q2-Q3 2023.

“We have successfully built firms from scratch in emerging industries and are sharing the blueprint with our network. Members are seeing multiple career paths and a massive ROI from this community, as we provide the systems, support, and confidence needed to build their practice.” – CMO Brandon Santiago

The active experts in the CryptoCFOs Community desperately need the help of qualified professionals to serve their clients. Tax software does not suffice; a working knowledge of the blockchain is paramount to properly account for crypto assets. Cost basis is the “holy grail” of crypto accounting, and no AI or crypto tax software can guarantee it is calculated properly every time. The lack of guidance from financial regulators creates a lucrative opportunity for a practitioner who can navigate the inevitable challenges unique to crypto tax and accounting. Those willing to fundamentally understand the significance of blockchain accounting will have a distinct advantage over every other financial professional.

Benefits of joining CryptoCFOs include:
– Access to a first-class network and mentorship from a global community
– Technical knowledge and hands-on experience navigating the blockchain
– Building symbiotic relationships with other community members and subject matter experts to provide a complete suite of client services
– Refining your offerings to capitalize on your unique value proposition
– Learning how to build and market a successful bookkeeping or tax/ accounting practice
– Best practices for contacting and selling services to potential clients

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)
– Understanding how the IRS treats “digital assets” is a necessity not a niche
– 2023 for Web3 is equivalent to 1997 for Web2 (the internet) – possibly the greatest opportunity of this generation
– Join to acquire the knowledge and confidence to build a practice that provides the freedom to work remotely and independently from anywhere in the world.

Established in 2021, CryptoCFOs is a community established for accountants, tax preparers, astute investors, and crypto industry professionals looking to grow their practice or establish themselves at the dawn of a new generation in finance. The CryptoCFOs program empowers industry professionals to secure clients, build a profitable remote practice and find success in the infancy of the fastest-growing industry. The founders of CryptoCFOs encourage you to learn more by finding their book on Amazon, “Accounting for Crypto Assets”, by Taylor Zork & Brian Whalen.

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