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New Acquisition Adding Estimated $7 Million Annually to Build High Revenue Stream in $6 Billion Dollar California Cannabis Market with Dispensary Services and Topical Pain Relief Brand: Rodedawg Intl. Ind., Inc. (Stock Symbol: RWGI) $RWGI

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Rodedawg Intl. Ind., Inc.(OTC: RWGI) is a management and consulting company focused on providing services throughout the regulated California cannabis market. RWGI is a trusted partner and resource to licensed dispensaries, manufacturing, distribution, and delivery services. Additionally, with its expertise, RWGI has launched and supported its own proprietary brands and products that are sold through partner and clients that have existing customer bases already developed. Through years of experience, RWGI has developed a proprietary vetting process (Manage-to-Own) that ensures it grows the companies and brands that RWGI chooses to invest in. 

RWGI CEO Chris Swarts says, “We are focused to building a multi-million-dollar dispensary operation and management company in the $6 billion-dollar California cannabis market.”

RWGI associated companies include:

Budding Horizon, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company with offices in Orange County, California. The company is focused to providing management services for the licensed cannabis industry and seeks to leverage its expertise in the real estate acquisitions to acquire and develop a portfolio of assets. For more information visit:

Brother Buds, a cannabis delivery service based in Costa Mesa, California. RWGI will operate Brother Buds under a non-storefront cannabis delivery license. The cannabis delivery service will focus on Los Angeles County, Orange County, and northern San Diego County in the demographic area of 23.86 million in 2019. The company is focused to providing management services for the licensed cannabis industry and seeks to leverage its expertise in the real estate acquisitions to acquire and develop a portfolio of assets. For more information visit:

RWGI Acquires Parabola Mgmt., LLC

On December 27th RWGI announced the company has completed all terms and conditions of its Parabola Mgmt., LLC acquisition.

RWGI Chris Swartz, CEO, stated: “We are proud to announce to our shareholders the completion of the acquisition of Parabola Mgmt. LLC. The acquisition included ownership of the California licensed cannabis company in Costa Mesa with options to purchase additional licenses. Most importantly, the Costa Mesa facility is now open, operational, and is geographically located in Southern California which is the #1 market in the world for cannabis.

RWGI now has a central sales hub for upcoming sales and distribution efforts.  In addition to this acquisition, RWGI shareholders can expect in the coming weeks that we will complete the acquisition of additional licensed cannabis distribution hubs and distribution contracts that will have 2024 revenues meet our stated goals of 7 million annually.”

RWGI had key milestones completed during the 4th Quarter 2023 which can be the catalyst of the company’s revenue growth:

Finalizing the agreements for distribution, management, and manufacturing of new cannabis products that increase revenues by an estimated 7 million dollars annually.

The team has finalized the product catalog and will advise shareholders on the launch of the cannabis delivery service.

RWGI expects to announce acceptance of an offer for its new Healthcare Division Director. Primary responsibilities include the continued launch of and the flagship product of, topical pain relief brand.

Currently in negotiation for an additional licensed cannabis distribution hub to be owned 100% by RWGI.

Mr. Swartz concluded: “This is an exciting time for our company, and our team thanks our loyal shareholders for their ongoing support. We also want our shareholders to know that no reverse split is planned for the company.”

Note the RWGI Twitter address is: for regular updates.

RWGI Pays Deposit for Ownership into California Licensed Cannabis Operation

On July 20th RWGI announced the company has paid deposit into ownership of a licensed cannabis facility in Orange County, California. Previously the company was only launching its efforts in co-branded licensed facilities under strategic agreement.

RWGI total annual revenue is estimated to be $750,000.  Finalization of Management Agreement of Distribution is estimated to be 2.4 million. The cannabis delivery service has conservative estimates at 6.7 million annual revenue within 18 months of launch.

RWGI also plans to develop a health care products of line for, its topical pain relief brand, which has won a new production contract. In May RWGI purchased Elixicure Pain Relief. The Elixicure team raised over 3 and million dollars and RWGI acquired not only physical production equipment but gained years of research, finalized formulas, packaging, branding, brand awareness and established revenue producing sales channels. The acquisition includes manufacturing equipment, transportation and warehouse equipment, sales personnel and sales channels with growing revenue streams. In its first few years of operation the company expanded exponentially and generated close to 1 million in revenues within 3 years of its start. The product set is already embedded in regional sports culture and has been a great success in chiropractic and healthcare centers. RWGI personnel will be adding to the management team and expects to see Elixicure generate over 3 million in its first year with RWGI. This acquisition gives RWGI an the entrance into the multi-billion dollar pain relief market.

RWGI CEO Chris Swartz stated, “According to Allied Market Research, the global topical pain relief market size was valued at $8.8 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $12.2 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 5.2% from 2020 to 2027.This is a massive market and this acquisition positions the company to expand into products and services generating revenue streams back to the RWGI enterprise. Until the SAFE Banking ACT and national legalization of cannabis, this acquisition allows RWGI to develop channels of distributions with marketing and sales of products in mainstream national markets. Additionally, RWGI will also be informing our shareholders of our expanded sales and marketing plan for Elixicure and a wide range of health care products with multi-faceted distribution sales channels.”


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