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Versatile, Profitable, Safe Cleaning Product Lines with Manufacturing & Distribution at New Houston, TX Facility: CleanGo Innovations Inc. (Stock Symbol: CLGOF)

CleanGo is: Green Seal, Health Canada, USEPA, FDA and Cruelty Free Leaping Bunny Certified!

  • Focused on Development of Green, Non-Toxic Sustainable Cleaning Products.
  • Applications in Home Retail, Commercial and Industrial Applications.
  • New 10,000 sq ft Operations Facility in Houston, TX Commenced Operations.   
  • Progressing on Marketing Agreement and Private Placement Investment Deal with German Distributor HAST.

CleanGo Innovations Inc. (CSE:CGII) (CNSX:CGII.CN) (OTC:CLGOF) (FRA:APO2)  is an international publicly traded ESG company that is revenue generating and specialized in the development of early staged, green, non-toxic and sustainable technology companies. CLGOF provides access to capital, executive management and industry experience to grow its portfolio of companies. 

The CLGOF experienced team bring new ideas and innovation based on science to find solutions to the current world we live in. CLGOF products cover a vast array of situations including Retail, Commercial and Industrial Solutions. Customers rely on quality, nontoxic, Green Certified products to keep their homes clean and their loved ones safe.

The CLGOF CleenGo GreenGo’s eco-friendly formulas have the power to eradicate the toughest spills and stains. Ingredients are simple, but the company’s patented process is complex, giving CLGOF products unrivaled cleaning strength.

Through revolutionary green science breakthroughs, the CLGOF CleanGo GreenGo penetrates to the molecular level for a complete, deep clean. The products are entirely safe, non-toxic, truly green and easy to use.

CLGOF products are safe for the whole family. Yet, non-toxic doesn’t have to mean ineffective. With molecular level deep-cleaning technology, CLGOF patented products have the power to tackle the toughest cleaning jobs.  With a pet-safe guarantee and leaping bunny certification, CLGOF is taking care of our animal friends, too. CLGOF green formulations are entirely safe and eco-friendly.

The CLGOF range of patented cleaning products is designed for every household application. CLGOF has also developed powerful formulas for commercial applications and industry.

Opening of New Texas Manufacturing and Distribution Center


On August 24th CLGOF announced the opening of the company’s new manufacturing and distribution center located 40 minutes North of Houston in the City of Conroe, Texas. 

The decision to relocate CLGOF manufacturing, distribution and warehousing under one roof in Texas is economically sound. Further to this CLGOF will integrate ISO 9000 & GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certifications into the new facility eliminating the requirement of third party blending and packaging services. These certifications will aid in the ability to offer CLGOF bottling and manufacturing services to the company’s white label and private clients.   

Anthony Sarvucci, CEO of CLGOF, said. “As we had previously stated, we believe that by relocating our facilities under one large roof in the Houston, Texas area we will be cutting our operational costs dramatically and allowing us to service our new larger clients without the necessity of third-party services. This will also allow CleanGo to streamline manufacturing, distribution and warehousing in a centralized location to offer our clients better pricing due to our operational savings.”

Update on Letter of Intent / Agreement with the German Distributor and Proposed Private Placement

On July 12th CLGOF announced an update regarding its letter of intent with HAST. 

In April of this year, CLGOF hosted the HAST management team in Houston, Texas. At these meetings, CLGOF showcased their new 10,000 sq ft Houston facility and the groups discussed the benefits of the new facility to both companies. 

These discussions prompted further meetings in Hamburg, Germany in June. At this meeting, CLGOF and HAST discussed the terms of an agreement between the two companies, and the parties have now commenced working on a finalized definitive agreement. 

Anthony Sarvucci, CEO of CLGOF, said. “It was our honor to host the team from HAST in Houston, the group is a great fit to our business model as we believe we are to theirs. My recent trip to Hamburg was equally felt, we were able to discuss the product lines that complement our businesses from both sides moving forward and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship between our two companies.”

CLGOF also announced a proposed private placement of up to 750,000 units (“Units”) at a price of $0.40 per Unit for gross proceeds of $300,000 (the “Offering”).  Each Unit consists of one common share in the capital of CLGOF and one-half of one Common Share purchase warrant (the “Warrant”).  Each whole Warrant is entitled to acquire one Common Share at an exercise price of $0.60 for a period of 18 months from issuance.  The Warrants will be subject to an acceleration clause if the trading price of the Common Shares is greater than $0.85 for a period of ten consecutive days.  Proceeds of the Offering will be used for working capital purposes.    

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