Challenges and Growth of Recruitment Consultancy in India

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With the emergence of new businesses, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in all domains. Millions of job seekers enter the job market every year.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, December 27, 2022 / — Recruitment and HR management in India have become tricky after the boom of technology in the past few decades. With the emergence of new businesses, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in all domains. Millions of job seekers hopefully enter the job market every year. Hence, it becomes a daunting task for the HR and recruitment consultant to find the right candidate for their client organization.

A few HR skills which make an excellent placement consultant would be someone with good interpersonal and communication skills. The other essential qualities would be that s/he can gauge a candidate’s potential regarding suitability for the sustainability and job. The recruitment consultant is responsible for putting forth the responsibilities and requirements of the position along with terms and conditions at the first phase of employing the particular candidate.

The dynamic trends in the recruitment industry and methods have brought about many challenges for HR consultants in Mumbai, India. We will look into some of those challenges faced by them here and what approaches a competent recruiter needs to take to combat these issues:

· A large pool of CVs to pick from: Nowadays, applying for a job is easy; all it takes for this is to upload your CV on the company portal. This online method makes many professionals use several companies at once. The recruitment consultant has the arduous task of determining which applicant is seriously interested and who is not.

· One can make the application process interactive to skim out honest and worthy candidates from the not-so-committed ones. For example, a recruiter can ask the candidate for a cover letter along with a case study to complete. This will ensure that the candidate is invested in the job posting and help them determine if s/he is the right fit. Many top organizations use this social media technique to identify and engage suitable hires.

· No standard CV format – Everyone wants their resume to show up and have an extreme probability of getting screened. This makes people stuff their CVs with all the keywords and jargon making them lengthy. Some make a one-page CV filled with their achievements (much like Western-style) and may fill it up with all the projects they did and their college achievements. Then some utilize professionals to write a resume and cover letters for them. All this has made it challenging to discern the real personality.

· The recruitment consultant has bound to find varied ways to assess the candidate rather than entirely relying on the CV. They could make their standardized application process which can make them figure out the core competencies and required qualifications of the applicant. To successfully figure out whether or not a candidate can effectively perform the job – There is always a tussle between experience-based and competency-based

hiring. Though how a person made a career in the past indicates how good he is, it could be misleading and untrue many times. A 30 to 45-minute unstructured chat is not enough to quickly gauge whether a candidate is a good fit.

· Organizations seek work samples from candidates to ensure they are best at what they claim to be. For example, a PR manager should be competent in writing an appropriate press release, or a classification manager must understand how to create a demand forecast.

· Insufficient HR skills have become essential to learn new HR tools, making the recruitment process much more efficient. But many have all these HR analytical software at their disposal yet need to learn how to use them effectively for screening, searching, and hiring professionals. The only way to deal with this is to develop these skills and learn the tools. The more equipped you get with these tools, the better decisions you can make while filling a vacancy.

If you desire to recruit strong candidates for any position in your organization, low-cost techniques are sometimes the best. Making a suboptimal decision might require you to rerun the whole process. So, recruitment consultants need to work on these challenges and turn them into learning opportunities. They will soon discover that adapting would give them much better employee retention rates and excellent team culture.

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