Crude Algae Oil (CAO) has been tokenized and is now traded as $FIX on a public blockchain, providing global access while alleviating the climate crisis.

SINGAPORE, December 12, 2022 / — Now, energy traders have a new energy instrument — $FIX, the world’s first tradable instrument representing the spot price of CAO by Finamatrix, the #1 NAS100 risk-tech database, partnering with Regaia Energy by Peter Kim Jae Hoon. $FIX has gained 70% at the all-time high in 2022 and >35% YTD as of 1-Dec-2022.

“CAO with A-MAP tech is an efficient solution to combat climate change as 1 metric ton (MT) of CAO produced absorbs >2 MT of CO2, making CAO carbon-negative,� states Peter Kim Jae Hoon, creator of A-MAP.

The production cost of CAO has significantly been reduced with A-MAP, comparable to Saudi oil, making CAO (biofuel) a viable replacement for fossil fuels.

Following “Oil Volatility and How to Profit From Itâ€� by Investopedia, “…traders can profit from volatility in oil prices just like they can profit from swings in stock prices… achieved using derivatives to gain leveraged exposure to the underlying asset without owning the asset itself.â€�

Tokenization (data security) in the form of $FIX (cryptocurrency) contains valuable information that is transferred on a decentralised network. This results in a non-editable database with changing crypto-values based on the transferred information — $FIX permanently records CAO market prices with proprietary database algorithms on a blockchain ledger sourced from the leading CAO producers in the world.

“The trend is for energy sectors to be built and traded on the blockchain that solves bottlenecks in trade finance to access attractive margins otherwise only available to institutions,” comments Peter Lim King Soon, the mandated lead advisor.

Oil majors, key governments and organisations from the Middle East to India, and even Elon Musk have invested in the burgeoning algae industry. As CAO demand outstrips supply, the CAO market price on 1-Nov-2022 stands at US$1424 per MT or US$190 per barrel (1 MT = 7.33 barrels) with a market capitalisation of US$71.2 billion or 22% of the algae market potential of US$320 billion, as reported in Bloomberg.

“With Automated Market Maker (AMM), Grid-Bot API, and with a max supply of 50 million, $FIX serves 50 million traders based on market analytics and offers exciting hedging or arbitrage opportunities on top of DeFi and Web3 integration such as with Binance or,� states Dr Lanz Chan, the founder of Finamatrix.


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