Airwaive Africa to Close the Digital Divide in Africa, Advance Broadband Inclusion

Airwaive and CLODS are joining forces to address broadband coverage gaps in Africa through a large-scale social impact generating strategic partnership.

SAN FRANCISCO AND NEW YORK, US, December 14, 2022 / — Airwaive and CLODS today announced a large-scale social impact generating strategic partnership to bridge the broadband coverage and usage gap afflicting 850 million Africans in more than 50 countries who are currently disenfranchised from access to high-speed internet and the ability to interact and engage in today’s everchanging digital ecosystem in order to improve the quality of life for their families and communities.

Through the creation of the jointly owned new entity Pan-African Digital Services LLC doing business as Airwaive Africa, deployments of 5G networks can be fostered and accelerated to help telecom operators spearhead 5G technology across the African continent. As countries in Africa prepare to develop next-gen 5G services, telecom operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are in a race to build and deploy 5G infrastructure to bring better and more affordable connectivity to their customers.

Leveraging both companies’ dedicated, seasoned telecom management, engineering, and operations veterans with decades of global and Pan-African telecom experience, and ongoing interactions with numerous service providers and stakeholders across the African continent, the new entity with its initial office in Accra, Ghana will utilize Airwaive’s innovative marketplace platform incorporating various proprietary tools. These digital tools enable telecom operators and ISPs to interact on the Airwaive platform with thousands of awaiting 5G host sites available for renting to identify and create new wireless access points to reach underserved markets.

“5G will bring tremendous opportunities for all the wireless operators on the African continent, not just for mobile phones but for broadband wireless and the next generation of IoT services essential for ensuring the well-being of individuals and communities,� said Jeff Yee, CEO of Airwaive. “Rolling out 5G networks promotes economic growth and development addressing many of the basic needs in developing countries such as access to food, shelter, clean water, healthcare, education, job creation, and technology.�

“As evidenced by the devastating impact and outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic, access to high-speed internet and the ability to interact and engage in today’s rapidly expanding digital ecosystem has become for all members of our global population an absolute necessity, if not a fundamental basic human right,� said Marjorie Abalos, CEO and Founder of CLODS. “We are committed to Airwaive Africa facilitating the rapid deployment of 5G broadband networks which will play a critical role furthering many of the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Goals including improving the delivery of healthcare by generating big data and providing real-time access to vital information and telehealth services in underserved and remote areas across Africa.�

“The key to a successful 5G implementation is the ability of wireless and IoT operators to use new models to build networks, now requiring four times more cell sites than the total number of sites built in the last 25 years of mobility, said Airwaive advisor Glenn Lurie, former CEO of AT&T Mobility. “This quick rise in the number of cell sites needed for 5G highlights the necessity of 5G wireless network solutions like Airwaive provides for this explosive growth market.�

“Use of Airwaive’s platform and its digital tools by both telecommunications operators and the owners of host sites such as tower companies and building owners will accelerate 5G rollouts providing service where it is needed most since broadband access is no longer a luxury, but a basic necessity for economic and human development to support Africa’s future one-third of our global population,� said Foster Plender, Managing Director Echo Ghana.

About Airwaive

Airwaive is a Silicon Valley based company that provides a blockchain-based wireless broadband platform. Airwaive’s mission is to decentralize the last mile of the internet for greater affordability and access. Its platform connects wireless service providers with tower and building owners who earn income from telecom operators and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as access points. Airwaive provides the tools and incentives for the components of a decentralized wireless network to thrive, offering telecom operators, ISPs, hosts, and validators the resources and motivation to build and scale the internet using wireless technology to reach everyone on the planet. Airwaive’s mission is not complete until 100% of the world has affordable access to broadband internet.


CLODS is an American information technology company that provides and maintains the digital infrastructure and health information networks for government, military, and organization health system operators in developing countries. CLODS mission is to bridge the gap of access to quality healthcare in underserved communities with its CLODS Systemâ„¢, an affordable and sustainable digital health solution specially build for developing countries that provides the deployment of its state-of-the-art proprietary software, all required hardware, connectivity, training personnel, and the ongoing long-term maintenance of the system for an initial renewable period of 10 years.

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