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A blog dedicated to all things related to the world of work!”

— Ian Ali

SKOKIE, IL, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 19, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The world of work has changed due to technological advancements, the pandemic, and several other factors. The rules governing the world of work have evolved. Staying on top of the latest information related to the world of work is crucial to stay relevant if you want to continue to grow professionally and make money, whether you are a professional looking to become an effective leader or an entrepreneur looking to start a profitable business. HR How to is a dedicated blog that discusses all subjects related to the world of work! HR How-To blog has several subtopics related to the world of work; let’s dive deeply into each topic and find out about issues discussed under each category.

Recruitment How To

This category is for recruiters and those who want to become professional recruiters. Some examples of the topics covered include sourcing candidates and cold emailing strategies. Other hot topics include employer branding and advice on attracting candidates during the great resignation in great detail.

Organizational development How To

OD category covers subjects that will help HR managers face challenges in the workplace. Some examples of fascinating topics that you will enjoy reading include the benefits of a 4-day workweek; advice on how to set up a hybrid workplace; office romance; employee motivation tips, and employee productivity.

Job Search How To

This section is for those looking for a new job or unemployed and needing guidance on landing their dream job. Topics include tips on finding jobs overseas, such as in the United Arab Emirates. The blog also discusses possible career paths for high-school graduates and the best career paths for fresh graduates looking to earn a six-figure income straight out of college. Finally, you will find some helpful articles on self-development.

What makes HR How To an excellent blog?

HR How-To is the brainchild of Ian Ali, a veteran HR guru who holds expertise in helping fortune 500 companies hire top talent through innovative headhunting and sourcing strategies. He has over a decade of experience developing HR processes from the ground up and has helped several startups streamline their HR processes and cut down on employee turnover. Ian believes in sharing information and passing on critical knowledge for the betterment of society. Ian thinks that when workplaces implement best HR practices, employee productivity, revenue, happiness, and work satisfaction will rise. Ian also runs a Youtube channel under the same name: HR How To.

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